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Default The Pokemon Anime Review Project


Welcome to the Pokemon Anime Review Project. The aim of this project is to create reviews for, at the moment, the Best Wishes Saga and place them on the website or on the forums. There, people can find reviews for certain episodes and read them. Hopefully, by the time Best Wishes 2 comes out in America, we will have reviews for every single episode in the first series. This project is open to anyone, all you need to do is follow the instructions bellow how to format your review and actually how to write a review. I believe that this project will succeed and one day we will have a review for every single episode.

Introduction over, let's get to the more important parts.

Format of a Review

Example of a Review

This is how every review should look like and below I am going to try and explain each section.

Title Picture and Opening Sentance

This picture should be from an important moment in the episode or have some relevance to the episode. The pictured should be centre and a black border is optional. The small sentence or two should introduce the episode and a general feeling about what is going to happen.


We do not want to spoil the story by telling the reader every single detail from the episode. The summary should be brief and sharp, outlining the main plots for the episode. Easy right?


This is the core of the review, your opinion. It is advised that you choose maybe at least 3 sub headings and talk about them. For example in the example article, Charziard Michelle decided to voice her opinion about the new plot twist for Team Rocket, however yet is too slow.

If you are reviewing a gym episode, talk about the gym battle itself and discuss what you would have like to see and what you enjoyed.

If you are reviewing a filler episode and you don't really know what to say becuase you didn't like it. Voice you opinion and say that it wasn't very good but also suggest what could of gone better. Not everyone is going to have the same opinion's on each episode, some may like it, some may dislike it.

Final Thoughts

This is a summary of your thoughts. You may also include a rating system or even a 2 Good Things, 1 Bad Thing system.

How To Submit

If you feel like your up to the task of writing reviews, here's how you submit them.
  1. Proof read your article before thinking about submitting it.
  2. Send your review in a Private Message to myself
  3. I will read over the review and either reply back with a Accepted or a Rejected and explain why
  4. You will receive credit for your piece of work and it'll be posted up on the website or in the Review Sub-Forum.

Other Information


This thread will be open so you can claim a certain bunch of episodes, however if you have not finished the review of episodes within two weeks of claiming, I will allow someone else to start working on them. You can only claim episodes that have aired in America.


Announcements will be made in this thread about the project so be sure to keep checking back to this thread.


This thread will be left open for any questions and also for you to claim. Please do not spam these threads and when posting, remember the PE2K Rules.

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