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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

From across town the Original Vampire family traveled down the street together at a normal, human pace to try and 'fit in'. They were doing a good job at it too, just casually walking; however an invisible ghost of Klaus followed them. Klaus was doing an amazing job blocking his family's presence from being known as well as himself from Ashley and her group, but how was he doing that? Ashley and her friends would find out very shortly though...

"I can sense the other Vampires." Rebekah said after the group walked for a good fifteen minutes, them being right outside the Mystic Grill now.

"They're in there." Klaus said with a nod, though he remained completely invisible.

"Let's go then." Finn said, the group walking across the street and into the restaurant.

As Ashley looked out the window she felt Ichiru place his hand over hers and gave a light squeeze, bringing her to look at him and give a small smile.

“I’m sure this will all blow over soon…” Kiseki said after a few moments. “Her opinion seems to have already changed a little because of the children, so that’s a good start.”

"Yeah. we'll just have to see what happens." Caroline said with a nod. Not too long later however Diana returned with the fresh water, passing them out to the group; the only cups she didn't have to fix were Abigail's and Scarlet's, due to not spiking their drinks before. Also the children weren't even bound to Ashley and her friends, the young Witch feeling bad if she did that to small children.

"Here are your drinks. I'll give you a few minutes to let you guys decide what you want to order." Diana said, beginning to turn away.

"Actually," Damon began, bringing Diana to look over to the dark haired Vampire. "You wouldn't happen to have any Blood Type A, would you? Or even Blood Type O?" Damon teased as the color from Diana's face washed away.

"Damon!" Kotomi hissed, bringing the male Vampire to look at her in complete surprise since she's never the one to really yell at anyone.

"I'm so sorry... he's only messing around." Isobel said in a gentle voice to Diana.

"It's, umm... it's okay." Diana said, seeing that a new group of people entered the restaurant. "If you excuse me." Diana quickly walked away to assist to the other group, bringing Stefan to tighten his fist for a few moments in anger before pointing his finger towards his brother.

"Damon, I swear to God if you make another joke or comment like that of any kind towards Diana I will drag you out of here and make you go back to the house." Stefan growled.

"Oh come on! Can't I even have any fun?" Damon sighed and slightly banned his head on the table and kept it there, bringing both Abigail and Scarlet to laugh. When hearing the children laugh seemed to calm Stefan and most of the group, though that was quickly taken away when Damon stood up from the table.

"Where are you going?" Lexi asked with slight disapproval.

"Just gonna go play some darts. Could you order me a burger and fries? I'll just stick with plain water since I'm going to get a beer from the bar in a few minutes." Damon said as he took off his leather jacket and draped it over his chair.

"As long as you behave then sure." Ashley said with a small smile, bringing Damon to smile back as he walked to the other side of the room. Ashley looked back over to the menu in front of her and opened up to the kid's section, letting her children look at all of the pictures that were listed.

"I want this." Scarlet said, pointing to a picture of chicken nuggets and fries.

"Me too." Abigail said, then pointing to another picture. "And apple juice too?"

"Yeah, apple juice." Scarlet added with a smile.

"No problem." Ashley said with a smile, then looking through the menu herself to see what she wanted.

"That chicken ceasar salad is so good here. I wonder if it will taste the same after all this time." Caroline said as she looked through the menu.

"I don't see how much they would change it since it's just a salad." Kotomi laughed as Caroline did the same.

From across the room Diana approached the new group after getting glasses of water, not knowing that all that they were Vampires, or even the Originals at that.

"My name is Diana and I'll be your waitress today." Diana said with a smile, passing out the waters as Kol gave the young Witch a charming smile of his own. Kol thought that Diana was absolutely beautiful and wanted to claim her as his own, though the only difference from Damon was that Kol wanted to make Diana his next meal.

"I'm Kol. Diana is such a pretty name for a beautiful girl." Kol said as he still had on his charming smile. Diana couldn't help but smile at his comment.

"Thanks." Diana said. "I'll give you guys a few minutes to decide what you want." With that Diana walked away, her eyes instantly going to Damon from across the room.

"You are so corny." Rebekah whispered to Kol as he shrugged his shoulders, taking out a piece of paper and writing something down on it. Normally Klaus would had rolled his eyes at his younger brother's comment but his sights were on something else at the moment; Ashley. Klaus walked over to where the group was, walking right behind the brunette.

"Hello love." Klaus whispered softly as he touched Ashley's shoulder with an evil smirk, bringing Ashley to slightly jump as she quickly looked behind her, though there was nothing there.

"Are you alright?" Isobel asked as the group looked at Ashley in concern.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Ashley said with a small nod, trying her best to shrug away the feeling she just got. She didn't hear Klaus' voice, but she felt something cold touch her shoulder. Abigail and Scarlet just looked at each other for a few moments in slight confusion, then the two girls looking what seemed like into space, like they were looking at something that wasn't there. The two children and Klaus made eye contact, Klaus looking at the children in complete shock when realizing that they could see him when the others couldn't...
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