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Default Re: Replication;. {RP//open.}

Hamilton 'Ham' Yorkson
Canalave City
Affected Characters: None

Ham slowly lifted up the heavy pile of papers, making sure he didn't accidentally drop them into the nearby ocean, and walked from his small table to the Pokemon Center. His Beautifly, Julius, was right next to him.

“No use,” Ham said, “We've been at this for days, and no ones offered any tips or maps on how to get out of here.”

By 'here' he meant out of Canalave City, which he had just arrived to a week ago. When he went out to Route 218 he couldn't get across, because of the water. Ham didn't have any water-type Pokemon, and his flying steed, Laura, didn't know where to go.

So here he was, trying to get a map, which no one would let him have since they didn't trust new arrivals, and the map in the Pokemon Center had to be taken down for repairing. The papers that he so diligently protecting from the water was for advertising the gym in the city, but since he didn't know anything about it, he wasn't getting much money.

“What do you think, Jul? Should we give up and swim?”

The Beautifly simply turned his head, seeming to pout.

“Spoiled little brat,” but Ham was smiling at his arrogant Pokemon, who he knew would rather die than be caught swimming.

So Ham was alone, in Canalave City, with no one to help him.
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