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Default Re: Signature and Tutored Moves

A huge amount of sig moves coming your way. I got some inspiration.

[Striker] Absol (F)
Ability: Pressure
Obtained: Starter
Signature Move: Shadow Strike

Description: Absol are the disaster pokemon, pokemon that can sense when and where disasters happen. They always seem to be there when something bad happens. But Striker was always able to arrive before the rest of her kind, be at every major disaster that happened. She uses the same technique in a devastating attack. Striker sinks into her own shadow and simply disappears, becoming untargetable.Then, the next action, she appears behind the enemy and strikes, always dealing a critical hit.
Type: Dark
Base Power: 50
Accuracy: 95%
Classification: Physical
Energy Modifier: 5%
Priority: 0
Effects: This is a two action move. On the first action, Striker sinks into the shadows, becoming untargetable. On the second action, Striker appears in the shadows behind the opponent, damaging them and always dealing a Critical Hit.
Usage Gap: Once per battle.

There will be more to come when I feel like typing them up.

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