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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Seventy-Seven Up!

As he did that, Shira turned around; giving him the same glare she had before. “Why the hell did you do that? You could have killed her!” She snapped.

The hedgehog bristled slightly, but didn’t dare look at her. “I wouldn’t have killed her. I do still have some restraint, you know. Besides, she started the fight by threatening me and doing whatever she could to make me feel like a monster. I got fed up with how she was treating me. You don’t just go around, threatening to freeze someone solid or provoking them! In my state...I don’t take kindly to being treated like something I’m not!” He snapped back, although he kept his gaze on Shadow. At least he wasn’t judging him right now.

“That doesn’t give you the right to do what you did,” she stated flatly before continuing, “and even if she did say things like that, you could have let me know and I would have recalled her to her Poké Ball.”

“I didn’t get the chance. She shot an Ice Beam at me before I could, and that was crossing the line. Call me what you want, but when you actually attack me...” He shook his head, growling. “I’m not too fond of it. I’ve changed, yes, but I don’t need someone pointing out the flaws of it.” He turned to look at Shira, standing up. “Besides, I left her alive. I could have easily stopped punching and started slicing, giving her the same fate I have, but I didn’t. I’m not a killer, and I think that proves it.”

She snorted. “Apparently, you do need someone to point out the flaws because you’d lose yourself too easily if you didn’t.”

“You don’t think I don’t know what’s going on? Try imagining yourself on fire, with no way to put it out, and the pain just keeps getting worse. Burning alive! I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I have no way to escape the agony! Do you realize how hard it is to live like that? To look into a lake and see the reflection of what you are becoming? It’s not easy!” Sonic snapped back, bristling. “Two reasons why I haven’t gone crazy...One is that it wouldn’t get anything done, and the second is that I made a promise to Sui I wouldn’t succumb. I have no intention of breaking that promise.” He stated, turning away and crossing his arms. Of course, if things aren’t fixed...I won’t have much of a choice in the matter.

Her eyes narrowed. “Considering the way you’re acting and what you did to Touza, that won’t be far off. If you don’t watch your step, you won’t be able to keep that promise.

Without thought, the hedgehog spun around, claw outstretched. It slid neatly through the cat’s cheek with sickening ease before it finally stopped, although Sonic stared dumbfounded at what he had just done. In fact, they both stared at each other in shock, neither moving nor breathing very much. “...Oh my god...Shira...I’m...” Blood lust had been replaced by sheer shock, and even though he could see it dripping from her cheek, he felt nothing. He was too captivated by her wide, frightened eyes to take notice. “By Chaos...I’m sorry...I’m so sorry...I didn’t mean to hurt you...I...God...”

Sonic shrieked as his arm shattered, leading the hedgehog to grab at where his limb used to be as if to stop blood from pouring out. While they could not know it, he was actually trying to prevent them from seeing that he bled shadows instead, which would give more proof that he was a “monster”, something Touza would no doubt take advantage of. “Please...” He backed off slowly, head hung low in an effort to make himself as non-threatening as possible. “I’m sorry. This wasn’t supposed to happen. I’ll leave quietly...” Any fight, any anger he might possibly have had, was completely gone. He no longer had any desire to fight back.

However, the Floatzel gave a growl despite the blue hedgehog’s pleading look. <I suggest you show her that injury. If you don’t, then I will.>

The hedgehog blinked, shaking his head. “You lopped off my limb...What more is there to show?” Touza took a step forward as if her injuries were nonexistent, baring her fangs while Sonic took a resulting step backward. “...Fine...But I already told you...Shadow Users don’t bleed.” Gingerly he removed his hand, revealing the jagged black wound which seemed to leak copious amounts of what appeared to be black blood, although the “blood” quickly evaporated the moment it lost contact with his body.

The shiny Floatzel glanced back at her Trainer. <See? I told you he was a monster. Now you’ve got all the proof you need.>

Shira was silent for a few seconds before responding, although it was only to the Water Type. <...Even so, it’s not our place to kill him. We’ll have Mitsumae come after she and Suicune have taken care of Kyogre and Groudon. She can decide what action to take.>

While Touza didn’t seem too pleased about the other’s final thoughts on the matter, she knew better than to go against what her Trainer had suggested. Although, she had to admit it was surprising that Shira was still as neutral on the situation as she was, considering what had just happened.

Sonic growled upon hearing what Touza had, as she had made it audible to him on purpose. “I’m not a monster, at least, not a crazy one. You keep saying all that...If I was a monster, would I really be talking about the situation? Offering to leave? Not killing you? I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. I never wanted to hurt you,” he blinked, “well, I’ll admit I wanted to at least prove a point with you, Touza, but I never wanted to go so far. I’m sorry, all right?”

He gingerly looked down at his injury, clearly grimacing at the sight. “I don’t enjoy this. The anger problems, the blood lust...It isn’t fun. I can’t even eat my favourite food.” He shook his head, directing his attention to Shira. He focused on her eyes, drawing any possible attention to her wound away from it. “I lost my temper...And you paid for it. You won’t forgive me for what I did to Touza, I realize that and would never expect you to...But can you forgive me for that injury?” The hedgehog asked softly, his position one of submission.

The alternately-coloured Water Type had growled again. <If she wasn’t an Aura User, she would have been infected with the same s*** you have now; you really expect her t->

“That’s enough, Touza.” Shira said, the tint of annoyance to her tone effectively silencing the Floatzel. She redirected her attention to Sonic. “I believe it’s a little soon to be asking for forgiveness for something of that possible consequence. But, as I said to Touza, we’ll wait until Mitsumae and Suicune return from fending off Kyogre and Groudon before we decide what to do with you.”

“And I could have infected you, Touza, yet I didn’t.” He replied flatly. However, his ears pricked up on hearing that, and he took a step backward, becoming slightly defensive. “Hey, I’m not going to let someone kill me. Sure, it’ll be better than what’s happening now but...If you kill me, I won’t have a chance to last. If I can survive long enough, maybe I can get rid of this condition.” Sonic stated quickly before Touza could have a chance to cut him off. At the same time, however, he was well aware of the pain in his shoulder getting worse, but he wasn’t sure why.

The white feline was about to speak up again when they all noticed that the blue hedgehog’s injury had begun to radiate a small amount of black light. Before anyone could say anything, the luminescence intensified before extending and somehow becoming too bright – or perhaps dark – for them to look at. Once Shira’s Aura senses told her the negative energy had dissipated, her yellow eyes opened, and they all stared at the blue hedgehog’s reformed limb.

As for Sonic, who had closed his eyes and growled in pain as the procedure had occurred, he was not quite prepared for what he saw. Getting cut in half and having his body pull itself back together was one thing, but this was completely regenerating a limb within seconds. He flexed his hand, staring with the most dumbfounded expression one could ever possibly have intermingled with shock and, admittedly, fascination. He glanced up at the others, including his own Pokémon, and opened his mouth to speak. When no words came out, he simply shook his head and looked back down at his arm. For once, the talkative hedgehog had absolutely nothing to say.

Although, the growling he had emitted during the process hadn’t gone unnoticed by the shiny Water Type, and the liquid form of a Water Pulse formed and fired from her paws upon the thought that he may have gone berserk due to the regeneration of the lost limb. It smacked into him, pushing him back a foot or so before he managed to stop.

The air shimmered slightly in front of him before it accelerated, the Sonic Boom smacking Touza square in the chest. It was weak, but in her condition it felt much more powerful. “What the hell was that for?!” The hedgehog hissed, glaring at the Floatzel. “Why’d you attack me?!”

She returned the glare full strength as she replied. <I suggest you leave if you’re going to go berserk from that.> It was also noticeable that Shira was glaring at him as well, no doubt annoyed that he attacked someone who had already been injured a great deal.

“Berserk? I was just in pain you f****** moron!” The hedgehog snapped, snarling with teeth bared. “Stop thinking I’m going to lose my damn mind every minute, because I’m not! I’m Sonic the Hedgehog, or did you forget?!” He glanced at Shira. “You need to control your Pokemon, Shira. She’s really pissing me off!” He hissed, inching forward slowly to grab the tattered glove from where his lopped off arm had dissolved. He picked it up quickly, fumbling a bit in his haste before managing to get it on. The entire time, however, he was glaring daggers at Touza with a notable hatred that stemmed from the treatment he was receiving.

It was then that the feline spoke up again, (thankfully) before the Sea Weasel Pokémon could. “I can’t control her any more than I would be able to control you.” She retorted. “In case you didn’t notice, they are individuals.”

“Then she’s going to wind up dead if she keeps pushing me!” He snarled, obviously enraged about the situation. “The way I’ve been treated…Horrible! The moment she talked to me the first time I knew I was going to be in trouble. And look how this has gone!” He pointed at Touza with accusation. “There’s only so much s*** I can take before I do lose it, and you’re pushing me pretty damn close. I can guarantee you’ll be the first one I gut if I lose control!” Flaym warned him, but was silenced by a glare. “Don’t ‘Sonic’ me! You haven’t been doing a damn thing either!”

“...So you still think you’re ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’, do you? I doubt it. Last time I checked, he didn’t glare with hate or drop swears at everyone who spoke to him.” Came Shira’s flat remark.

Sonic blinked, shaking his head. “I’m Sonic the Hedgehog. The poison has affected me, but it’s still me! I’ve got patches of blue fur and the same smile!” He retorted. “I’m just pissed about Touza trying to kill me. I think anyone would be!” He stated, bristling a little at being accused of not being who he was. “You try being nice with this cursed stuff flowing through your veins!” The hedgehog challenged.

She snorted. “You may still have his name, but not much of the personality.”

He gritted his teeth, a low growl in his throat. “You...You accuse me of being someone different?” He looked positively furious. “I already told you! I’m Sonic the Hedgehog, and my personality is different because of this damn poison!” He tore into his arm, causing it to bleed darkness. “It’s the same stuff that makes me miserable but prevents me from dying! You think I’m happy being like this? DO YOU?!” Sonic roared, his voice echoing up the building even among the storm.

At this, the Floatzel glanced at Shira. <See? I told you he was a threat – and we can’t let him leave either; if he doesn’t care about mutilating himself like that, he won’t care about harming other people.> She finished, giving a pointed look to the bandaged injury on the feline’s cheek while she set up an Aqua Ring around herself to recover energy.

“We don’t know for sure that he’d be willing to do that.” Shira said in reply in an attempt to reason with the Water Type.

Touza gave her a look. <You said yourself that he’s not the same person he used to be anymore. The way I see it, there’s only one other option.>

The other was silent for several seconds before she finally spoke up, glancing at the blue hedgehog in the process. “...Sorry, but it seems she’s right. We won’t kill you though; we’ll leave that for Mitsumae and Suicune to decide.”

He backed up, spitting. “You can’t kill me, for one thing. And you honestly think I’m going to stick around for that? Call me a coward if you want, but I’m out of here! I don’t need any of this!” The hedgehog growled, turning and walking stiffly away and into the rain. He’d had quite enough of the situation, although he was secretly riddled with a sinking feeling of guilt.

However, it swiftly turned out to be the wrong move on his part, for Touza unleashed a wicked Blizzard attack from her jaws towards her opponent. The fact that it had also begun to hail didn’t help matters for Sonic either.

The hedgehog yelled out in pain, whirling around to glare with seething hatred. “LEAVE ME ALONE!” The air thickened with darkness as he launched an Ominous Wind towards Touza, the attack whistling from the ferocity of his fury. He went to take a step forward in its wake as it hit the Floatzel, but sudden pain wracked his frame as, for the second time in his life, the boost took effect. This time it was far worse, driving him to his knees as he shrieked and clawed at his skull from the torment. “I’LL KILL YOU FOR THIS TOUZA!”

The Floatzel twisted in the air and managed to land quite easily on her feet despite the intensity of the attack before shooting an Ice Beam at the immobilized hedgehog. It encased him in ice, but within a few seconds cracks began to appear before it shattered completely and he lunged forward at a fast pace. Sonic made a swift blow to her gut with a Focus Punch before, with a snarl, unleashed another Sky Uppercut which launched her into the air. His spines stiffened before he launched thin, purple needles from them, the Poison Sting impacting the Floatzel. Weak as it may be, its high potential to poison was the main threat to the already weakened Floatzel.

Righting herself in mid-air, a pinkish glow made itself visible around Touza before she lunged forward through use of Aqua Jet; with the speed backing her up, it was impossible for Sonic to dodge the Secret Power technique, and the Water Type slammed into him, dealing damage before darting away with Agility.

Knocked back, he slipped from the slick roads as notable sparks jumped off his body. They were not his doing, however, but rather the technique Touza had used which resulted in paralysis. He struggled to get up from the attack, his body not functioning correctly under the status effect. Clasping his hands together, a dark ball of energy began to form before he launched the Shadow Ball at the Floatzel before curling into a ball – Defense Curl – to bide time until the paralysis wore off.

Touza dodged the attack with ease before pausing, having noticed Sonic’s current position. Knowing he was waiting for the temporary paralysis to wear off, she knew the fight would have to end quickly. Darting towards the curled up blue hedgehog, she pulled a rather comical move for the situation and launched a Low Kick at him, sending her opponent flying like a soccer ball.

Had Sonic been in his right mind, he would have found the situation both hilarious and amusing. In this case, while the attack barely did anything nor did the bouncing off the buildings hurt, it still fuelled the fire of anger which was raging out of control. Upon contacting the ground, he began to spin before finally building up enough traction to shoot forward in a Rollout. When Touza dodged to the side, the hedgehog continued as the wet pavement prevented turning as he slammed into another building, demolishing a support beam before managing to come around as the attack intensified.

The Floatzel dodged once again using Aqua Jet, but this time a sphere of water formed at her paws, growing larger and larger as it did so. Finally, the Whirlpool attack having fully formed, she flung it at the blue hedgehog, knowing the water would impede his progress and possibly get him out of the Rollout attack so as to not remain a threat to the others.

He became trapped within it as the water hit him, slowing him down severely. The paralysis had worn off, but now a new pressing concern made itself known; he needed air. Uncurling, he tried to paddle upwards but just as when he had fallen into the ocean, the current prevented him from doing so successfully. Sharpening the wind currents, he hacked away at the attack with Air Cutter, demolishing it while he landed – and stumbled – unceremoniously on the ground gasping for breath.

It was then that the Floatzel darted forward, her twin tails aglow with the sheen of Iron Tail. The hedgehog froze on seeing the move, no doubt recalling how the technique had harmed him twice before. They came down swiftly and brutally as she twirled, slashing down his face and blinding him as pain shut down his mind, bringing him to his knees. Touza kicked him above the heart, sprawling him onto his back as she placed her foot squarely on his chest to pin him.

“Le...Let me go!” He hissed, each tail stopping an arm from moving. All he could do was glare through one eye – the other disabled from the Iron Tail – at the Floatzel. His snarl had not ceased nor had his fury. “Let me go RIGHT NOW!”

She snorted. <You know, considering my condition, it’s pretty pathetic how I’ve managed to knock you around so far. And I’m not about to let you up until you calm down.>

He narrowed his eyes. “I’m not going to let you KILL ME! You’re messing with the wrong person! I’m not the monster here!” He squirmed, his growl ending with a slight whimper. “I just want to leave and get away from all of this, but you wouldn’t let me! Just let me leave!”

She glared at him. <You’re not the monster? I’m inclined to think otherwise. You’re not even Sonic anymore; you certainly don’t act like him. I’d love to kill you, but unfortunately for me, Shira thinks otherwise.>

“What? I’m...I’m...” Was he really who he said he was anymore? His mannerisms had changed, he was more violent, and he was uncontrollable. He was a far cry from the happy, heroic hedgehog that ran with the wind. “I’m...Not Sonic...? I...I...HOW DARE YOU!” Sonic’s anger bubbled over as he suddenly shrieked, lunging forward as much as he could and clamping his jaws firmly on Touza’s leg. They sliced through her skin and muscle before connecting with bone where they stopped, allowing his tongue to dance with the taste of her blood.

A sickeningly dark Aura erupted around his frame.

...They dun goof'd.

Also, the first half of this chapter is exactly 20,000 characters long, the limit for each post |D
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