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Default Pokemon Challenge *Normal Difficulty*

So I did a quick internet search to see what sort of challenges trainers have created to make a Pokemon game harder to beat. Most of the ones lead me to believe that they're plenty of masochists in Pokemon community. Like the KO rule where fainted Pokemon must be released or the no Poke'Center usage rule. While these are indeed challenges (and the game needs a bit more of a challenge for more advanced trainers), here are a few fun challenges I've created for a SS/HG Playthrough...

Middle Ground- When battling another Trainer outside of a Gym, you are only allowed to use the same amount of Pokemon as your opponent. (You may hold more though)

Switcheroo- While battling any Trainer, you are not allowed to peak at which Pokemon he/she is about to send out. (You are allowed to swap if you wish)

Higher Ground- Upon entering the Gym You are only allowed to hold as many Pokemon as the Gym Leader. You are also not permitted to leave until you've defeated the Gym leader. (Save before entering, not allowed to save inside)

Capsize- You are not allowed to enter a Gym with a Pokemon at a Lv higher than the Gym Leader.

Master of All- You may not enter a Gym with a Pokemon you've already used at a prior Gym. (Evolutions count as a prior use)

Gym Sweat- You must challenge each Gym trainer and you aren't allowed to hold or use any item until before facing the Gym Leader.

Noob Ball- During a random encounter with a wild Pokemon, you are only allowed to use a standard Poke'ball to catch it. (This doesn't apply to Safari Zone or Bug-Catching Contest type of events)

OCD Collector- You must've caught every Pokemon made available before entering a Pokemon Gym. (Only in the areas covered)

Ordinary- All Legendary Pokemon are forbidden to use in battle. Also no trading or Poke'transfer before the Elite Four.

Under-prescribe- No potions allowed while battling another trainer

What do you guys think? Give me some of your guyes challenges/handicaps.

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