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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Vegito (Dragonball Z)

Up + B: Instant Transmisson
Up Smash: Sky Uppercut *ripoff*
Side + A: Jab
Side + B: Bash with Shoulder
Side Smash: Fury Swing (Folds two hands like a mace and hits opponent)
Final Smash: Kamehameha x10! + unfuse
Taunt: "Wipe yourself off, your a disgrace!" + pointing his finger at opponent

Vegito, from DBZ would be a perfect choice as a SS character, though without any ranged attacks you would have to be quick-minded and fast to get in the opponents face and attack. He comes into the battle as the fused warrior known as Vegito, and when he uses his smash he does a huge Kamehameha and instantly loses his transformation (Like Samus and her final smash), returning to being Goku while Vegeta stands on the side, similar to a Pokemon Trainer. When using his smash a second time, Goku and Vegeta refuse to become Vegito.

When using Goku, these would be the attacks:

Up + B: Instant Transmisson
Up Smash: Sky Uppercut *ripoff*
Side + A: Jab
Side + B: Kick
Side Smash: Energy Ball
Final Smash: Fuse (Refuse with Vegeta to become Vegito)
Taunt: "Really? Is that it?"

Goku would be weaker and his attack power would be cut in half and do 50% (half) of the damage that Vegito does.

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