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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All: Trainer Stats

Name: Max (In Red)
Name: Dredd/ Shadow (In Blue)


Blue Team Shadow Pokemon

Lila (Level:46)




Red on Hand Team

Lila-Charard (Female)(Level 46) Holding (Scope Lens +5)

Dragonite-Draco (Female) (Level 65)

Sky-Scyther(Male)(Level 50)(Sharp Beak +5)

Shadow-Gengar(Level 55)

Sleepy-Snorlax (Male) (Level 70)

Golem (Male)(Level 55)(Soft Sand +5)

With team

Formally Used
Lapras-(Female)(Level 40)
Pidgeot-(Male)(Level 46)
Parasect (Female)(Level 24)(Miracle Seed +5)
Spikes-Nidoking(Male)(Level 51)
Houdini-Kadabra(Male)(Level 16)
Drool-Gloom(Female)(Level 26)
Kick-Puncehr-Hitmonlee(Male)(Level 35)

Full List of Pokemon (Full Pdex 102)(Caught 56)(Fully Evolved 35)





Clefable...Parasect...Machoke...Victreebel...Elect robd...Marowak



Safari Zone




Unlocked Pokemon
Eevee(x2)...Hitmonlee...Hitmonchan...Lapras...Pory gon

Unlocked Pokemon

Gift Pokemon

Temporary Pokemon Blue Version

Temporary Pokemon Red Version

Pokemon Traded Away
Fearow, Butterfree

Total Points Earned:2,989 (2,782 +207 )

Points Spent: 2,635

Points on Hand:354

Ekans !!! From Brock in Pewter City!
Poliwag!!! From Misty in Cerulean City!
Grimer!! From Koga in Fushia City!

Boulder Badge...Cascade Badge...Thunder Badge

Rainbow Badge..Soul Badge

Fearow for Farfetch'd Vermilion

Water Stone:2
Thunder Stone:1
Moon Stone:0 (used on clefairy, used on nidoqueen)
Leaf Stone:1 (used on Exeggcute)
Fire Stone:0 (used on Ninetails)

Potion:2 (+15 to health)
Great Ball: 3(-5 Pokemons Cost)
S.S Ticket- Used
Treasure Map-On Hand
Super Rod

Items In Use:
(Scope Lens +5)=1
(Miracle Seed +5)=1
(Soft Sand +5)=1
(Sharp Beak +5)=1

Where the Money went:

(-15 Pidegy,Caterpie, Rattata)(-32 Catching Zubat, Oddish, Geodude, Bellsprout)
(-22 Mankey,Machop)(-18 Paras,Sandshrew)(6 Spearow)(-6 Spearow)(-14 Nidoran(f)), Abra)(-10 Jigglypuff)
(-32 Catching Onix, Clefairy)(-10 Meowth)(-14 Drowzee)(-14 Gastly)(-16 Cubone)(-39(-13)Krabby, Shellder, Doduo)(-16 Exeggcute)(-15 Rhyhorn)(-34)50 Scyther)(-35)50 Tauros)(-25)-50 Kangaskhan)(-16 Slowpoke)(-10 Vuplix)(-50 Chansey)(-16 Slowpoke)(-9 Venonat)(-15 Magikarp)

Evolutions (-1,435)
(-7 Metapod)(-20 -10s Butterfree, Beedrill)(-13 Voltorb)(46)-16s Charmeleon, Nidorina, Kadabra)(-18 Pidegotto)(60)-20s Raticate, Fearow,Gyrados)(66)-22s Arbok, Sandslash, Golbat)(42)-21s Gloom,Weepinbel)(-24 Parasect)(75)-25s Graveler, Poliwhirl,Huanter)(-52 -26s Dugtrio,Hypno)(140)-28s Primeape, Machoke,Persain,Marowak,Kingler)(60 -30s Electabuzz, Electrode)(-62)-31 Dodrio,Venomoth)(-33 Golduck)(-140)-35 Clefable,Nidoqueen,Exeggutor,Ninetails)(72)-36s Charizard,Pidgeot)(-37 Slowbro)(-38 Muk)(-40 Omastar)(-42 Rhydon)(-180)-45 Golem, Nidoqeen, Gengar, Victreebel)(-65 Dagonite)(-50 Dragonair)(-50 Ditto)

Events (-58)
--Leaves Nidoking at daycare in Red
-5 Beating Brock Pewter City Gym ( Free Ekans)
-8 Beating Misty Cerulean City Gym (Free Poliwag)
-10 Beating Lt. Surge, Verilion Gym (Free Thunder Stone)
-15 Beating Ericka, Celadon Gym (Free Pikachu)
-20 Beating Koga, Fushia Gym (Free Grimer)

Battles I lost points in(-70)
(-5 to loss from fearow)(-4 battling zubat team rocket)(-19 while battling Nidoking)
(-15 for running away from Nidoqueen!)
(-1 Battling Team Rocket Zubat)(-2 Battling Team Rocket Zubat)(-10 Battling Team Rocket Golbat)
(-14 Battling Red)

Items Bought(-178)
(60)15s Sharp Beak,Soft Sand, Scope Lens, Miracle Seed)(-8 Great Ball)(-50 Leaf Stones)(-20 Potion)(-15 Sharp Beak)(-25 Fire Stone)

Leveling Up(-120)
(-20 For Craziard)(-20 Pidgeot)(-20 Primeape)(-20 Snorlax)(-20 Gengar)(-20 Golem)

Unlocked Pokemon(-285)
(-25 Eevee)(-35 Hitmonlee)(-35 Hitmonchan)(-40 Lapras)(-30 Omanyte)(-60 Points Snorlax)(-25 Eevee)(-35 Porygon)

Battles I won points in (+207)
(+3 for beating rocket grunt)(+3 for beating rocket grunt)(+2 for beating Pidgey)(+3 for Beating Geodude)(+3 for beating Paras)(+5 for Beating Rhydon)(+3 Beating Old Man' Growlithe)(+20 Beating Red)
(+6 for beating old man on Route 9)(+5 for Beat Old Man in the Pokemon Tower)(+8 for beating a 2nd Monk)(+4 beating two Ghastly)(+2 Beating Pidgey)(+4 Dodrio in Red)(+8 Beat Bikers in Red)(+5 Beat Sailor)(+3 Zombie Rhydon)(+5 Zombie Charizard)(+16 Team Rocket )(+16 finding Huanter)(+9 Articuno)(+34 beating Dredd)(+19 battle trainers)(+5 Beat Ditto Max)(+10 For Butterfree Trade)(+7 Beat Bikers! In Blue)


Dragonair: 33054
Dragonite: 33129
Level100: 33264

GCEA Link Page Pokemon Evolution List

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