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Default Toonami is Back!

Kind of surprised that no one has posted about this! It was certainly no April Fool's Joke, and as it stands, it was announced by Adult Swim that the programming block that provided hard-hitting, action packed anime and cartoons is returning on May 26th in the USA! I'm not good at this article writing thing, but man, I'm excited, I grew up with Toonami, and I welcome its return to television. So let me hear your opinions! So far they've lined up new animes, as well as old favorites like:

Outlaw Star
Gundam Wing
Dragonball Z
Tenchi Muyo

I've only said five, but there's definitely going to be more! I've got no idea what time they'll air the block, or how often it will run on a weekly basis. There's also no news about what new series' they're going to show us, but it's Toonami, the only time I can recall Toonami ever disappointing was in 2008 when it went off the air. If you know anything, tell me, and I'll add it to this post. Also tell me what you think! Maybe what animes you hope to see aired during the Toonami block.


Man, I'm stoked.
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