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Default Re: Kawaii~Desu Art Shop ^o^

Wow, and that reply certainly surprised me! XD It's no trouble, really.

Pffth, hate you? You're silly. xD I think you should try to get into it. If you're ever interested in doing so, I recommend TSR; yes, I know that they seem really intimidating at first (trust me on that one!), but given that you're open minded and willing to improve, they are legitimately some of the coolest people you'll ever meet. :D

If you ever have something you made, you shouldn't scrap it right off the bat! Don't feel discouraged by people who are at a high skill tier. It's probably what artists tend to have trouble with the most. But you know, I've kinda learned how to turn that feeling into inspiration and motivation over the years. XD I feel serious motivation when I see all those amazing Pixel artists out there. Anyway, the only way you'll improve is to show off! :3 Don't feel embarassed because we all start somewhere. And hey, your shading is pretty spectacular, so thats a good start. But sorry, im rambling.

If you don't mind, I'd love to request a Nibi Purple Feraligatr! Black background would be great, and it'd be great of you could use the HGSS one. (cant remember if the BW and HGSS ones are different or the same...)

You know, how exactly do you do the flame auras for those, anyhow? :D They look so freaking BA. XD

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