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Default What program do you pixel with?

I wanted to remake Xanthe's thread. Hoping no one minds.

It's just a curious question: what program? I used to work with Paint, until I realized it sucks: now I use GraphicsGale. It's the best thing ever. It has its quirks here and there, but it has a built-in GIF animator, layers, alpha, color palette, and can zoom is as close as I want it to. I use Paint.NET for transparency when I need it, since it boots up much more quickly than my Photoshop CS5 does.

GG is probably one of the best programs for the serious Pixel artist, hands down. If you are a serious Pixel artist, I highly recommend it. It costs 20 bucks for the version with the GIF animator, but you can get a full version thirty day free trial. Imho, its worth every penny.

But enough of my rambling; your thoughts?

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