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Default Re: Individual RP: Akdude


Ranger Chainy

OOC: I can't help but feel like your Pokemon's natures are swapped around xD


The Trainer's Umbreon moved closer to the Krabby as its mouth foamed, apparently a cross between curious and unimpressed. The Krabby didn't withdraw, though - if anything it moved a bit closer, refusing to yield any ground to this intruder. The Trainer grunted in an unimpressed tone.

"That Krabby isn't worth it. I came here for strong Pokemon that will present a challenge. Not something I can make faint in only a few attacks," he remarked. "Let's move on."

The Umbreon immediately heeded his orders, going to his side and following dutifully as he started down along the path. Espeon had started her own investigation though, and she was much more curious than Umbreon had been. Even at her Trainer's urgings, she refused to leave the Krabby, which was foaming significantly less.

"Let's go Espeon, this Krabby isn't worth wasting the effort on," the young man called insistently.

At his words the Krabby's mouth foamed up again and it turned to look at the Trainer. There was a second's delay before a jet of water squirted right into the Trainer's face, eliciting a cry of disgust. I couldn't hold back a grin.

"It looks like both of these Pokemon want to fight," I said. "If you really don't want to, I advise you return Espeon to her ball and we make a run for it."


Trainer Statistics:

Name: Roark
Location: The Great Lakes
Area Effects: 14 Encounters Remaining
Pokemon Encoutered: ??? Krabby(?)
Pokemon Captured: N/A
CC since last Encounter: 3835 / 9000

Pokemon Statistics:

Jolly Female Umbreon 100% (TM Toxic, TM Shadow Ball, BM Wish <Synchronise Ability>)

Serious Female Espeon 100% (TM Toxic, TM Shadow Ball, TM Calm Mind <Synchronise Ability>)

Item Statistics:

1x Park Ball
1x Super Ball
1x Hyper Ball

URPG Stats

Ranger Chapter | Referee Chapter | Grader Chapter
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