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Default Re: Kawaii~Desu Art Shop ^o^


Originally Posted by SuperUltraZekrom View Post
HOLY CRAP! I didn't tink it was possible to make a charmander look scary, but u did it!


Pokemon/Sprite to Recolor : Zekrom
Palette to be used : Nibi Purple
White or Black background: White

Is it ok if i use the result of this request as my avatar?
Really glad you enjoyed the Charmander! I thought it was a fun one to do! c:

Unlike that sonova....

No seriously, Zekrom is the spawn of the Devil when it comes to recoloring shiz. :I
But I was happy with the end product.
So all is forgiven Zekrom...
all is forgiven.
Originally Posted by Speed-X View Post
I like you, you seem pretty cool of a person to talk to. Like, no joke.

The bluntness in this passage made me chuckle. I don't know why, I suppose it just reminds me of so many people I know that have a dry sense of humor.

I opened this thread in my browser tab and expected it just to be the same old thing, but these are actually rather interesting for reshades. Just out of curiosity, do you make custom pixel art, too? Hopefully so, because if not, that'd be a bit of a waste.

If I may ask, what franchise are the "re_birthday" and "Kagamine" ones from? They seem...rather unique.
o//////o Oh my goodness gracious that made me blush! Thank you, thank you. Your words are far too kind! >////< I'm really amazed that you think my sprites are interesting. Your pixel work (and every other thing you do) is outstanding and simply marvelous. I love everything!! Unfortunately, I do not do custom pixel art. ;////; Don't hate me!! I sometimes scratch or doodle..but it's really nothing worth showing and I end up scraping it anyways! Save for a few of my scratches/scratch fusions/etc. But it's certainly not as wonderful as your things.

And re_birthday and Kagamine are both from Vocaloids!! Which I love (<3). I actually have way, wayyyy more palettes than the ones I have posted here. I just haven't finished tweaking them to be proud enough to show and have others enjoy.

I'm so picky...
Originally Posted by 5TailedDemonLizard View Post
Wow. Just wow. These are amazing. I think I might have to agree with Starbom on this but...

Pokemon/Sprite to Recolor : My Avatar
Palette to be used : Nibi Purple
White or Black background: Black

Pokemon/Sprite to Recolor : My Avatar
Palette to be used : Shadow Heart
White or Black background: White

Your work is awesome!!
I still have no idea on what is being agreed on...

~ n///n ~
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