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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

Once Diana reached her destination she parked her car in the parking lot and walked inside, being relieved to be at work; it would take her mind off of things for a few hours.

"Hey Mason." Diana said as she walked through the door, seeing a male cleaning a glass from behind the bar. Mason was in his early twenties and had bright, orange hair with cute freckles on his face, being a really good looking young man with a well built body. Mason gave Diana a smile, which she instantly returned as she walked towards him.

"Hey Diana. How's it going?" Mason asked as Diana walked around to the bar and hid her bag underneath in a cabinet like she always did, knowing that no one would touch it.

"Pretty good, though I'm loaded with homework." Diana sighed, thinking about her college classes.

"Well you're always the one who works on everything a week or two before it's due." Mason chuckled.

"Well you're always waiting until the last possible minute to turn in your assignments." Diana laughed as Mason let out a laugh as well.

"Yeah you're right." Mason shrugged as Diana just shook her head, though she continued to smile. Her and Mason are childhood friends, knowing everything about each other; he even knew Diana was a Witch, which he thought was the most amazing and coolest thing ever.

Once everyone was in the cars they had drove away, the group reaching the Mystic Grill not too long later. Ashley and the others didn't hear Ichiru's and Kiseki's short conversation before about something being wrong, so they thought that everything was fine. Once the group reached the Mystic Grill, Ashley parked the car and unbuckled her children, waiting for the others to arrive a few moments later. When the group came together they went inside, memories from the past instantly hitting Ashley, Caroline and probably the others.

"It hasn't change a bit..." Ashley said, seeing how the restaurant still had it's dim glow. Ashley smiled, happy that everything seemed to be the same.

"You have to be kidding me..." Damon said as he looked towards the bar, seeing Diana talking to the bartender. Diana didn't see the group yet, though Stefan and the others quickly looked at each other.

"Should we leave?" Lexi asked, looking at everyone else. Ashley looked down at Abigail and Scarlet who were standing in front of her, the two children eager to eat.

"No." Ashley said as she shook her head, looking up. "We shouldn't have to leave. But Damon," Ashley paused, looking at the Vampire. "Be nice."

"Yeah yeah yeah." Damon said, following the group to a large table that would fit everyone comfortably.

"Are you serious right now?" Diana said as she looked up, seeing that Ashley and her friends were there.

"What's wrong?" Mason asked, looking where Diana had her attention to.

"It's nothing." Diana responded, taking a deep breath and putting on her black waist apron which held straws, pens and an order pad. "I'm the only waitress here, aren't I..." Diana said, the restaurant just opening for the day about ten minutes ago; the building had no other costumers besides Ashley and her friends.

"I can tell that something is wrong." Mason said as Diana shook her head.

"Everything is okay." Diana said, going into the kitchen and getting glasses of water. Once the right amount of glasses were poured she placed them on a large tray and walked out of the kitchen, walking towards the group and carefully placing the tray down on the table.

"This should be interesting." Damon said with a little smirk, bringing both Caroline and Ashley to shoot him a warning look.

"My name is Diana and I'll be your waitress today." Diana said, passing everyone a glass of water; the children had water as well but were in smaller cups that were made of plastic.

"Hello again." Damon said, though Diana didn't look at him.

"Can I get you guys anything better to drink? Soda? Iced tea?" Diana asked. Stefan reached over and took a small sip of his water, though he quickly placed it back down and gave out a few small coughs. Ashley, Lexi, Caroline, Kotomi, Isobel and Damon also felt the burning in their throats from when Stefan took a drink of the water, it being spiked with Vervain that Diana had put in; she had a secret stash of Vervain oil hidden in the kitchen. Diana took a step back when Ashley glared at the young Witch, though Diana stood her ground.

"How many times do we have to tell you? We aren't the bad guys here." Ashley growled in a low voice, bringing Diana to glare at her back.

"All Vampires are bad, and I'm going to make sure all of you are dead so you don't hurt anyone." Diana said in a low, but fierce, voice.

"Are you really going to let my children live the rest of their lives without their parents? They're only human, and only five years old." Ashley said, bringing Diana to look at the other brunette in shock.

"They're your birth children? And human?" Diana quickly looked from Abigail to Scarlet, the shock still on her face. "I thought that you kidnapped them or something and changed them into Vampires..."

"Of course not." Ashley said as she shook her head. "Didn't Bonnie and Jeremy tell you I was the Petrova Doppelganger?" Ashley asked, bringing Diana to nod.

"I forgot you were able to have children..." Diana said, though after a few moments the fierceness returned to her face. "I'm still going to keep a close eye on you guys though." Diana then took back the drinks, looking at the group. "I will go and fix these though..." Diana said, walking back into the kitchen to get normal water for the group.

"Well that went pretty well." Damon commented, bringing Ashley to kick his leg from underneath the table.

"You are such an idiot!" Ashley said.

"Ow! What was that for?" Damon asked in annoyance.

"You know perfectly well what that was for. Why must you tease her? Diana needs reasons for her to trust us, and you aren't helping!" Ashley growled.

"Oh calm down. You managed to achieve some kind of small peace with her." Damon said, bringing Ashley to sigh and look out the window.

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