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Default Re: Replication;. {su&ds//it'sback!}

Sorry I haven't been on in about a week, guys, I've been really busy with school again as I have a few exams coming up I need to prepare for. I actually am meant to be planning for an assessment I have tomorrow, so I barely have time to come on as it is. I apologise for not posting, however I will post tomorrow since I'll have a lot of time to. So sorry, but a post will definitely be up tomorrow.

Originally Posted by Popshakes View Post
Mind if I add Phione to my list of characters~? I have a nice character sheet already planned out if so. :D
That's fine, juts post the sheet and your good to go. :)

Originally Posted by Sheepat View Post
Oh, sorry XD I'll choose Ham for now, but can you reserve Thunderus for me? I'll use him as my legend.
Haha, it's fine. xD And sure, that's fine; accepted and reserved~

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