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Default Re: Black 2/White 2 animated trailer!

That was truly amazing.

Animation, flawless in every scene, period.

Sequences, long enough to grab our attention, but short enough to leave us in suspense. Also, the mood was serious, like things just got dangerous.

Characters. Just wow, the animation really does each of them credit, with special mention to the male PC. This does him far more justice then the official artwork does, plus he and the rival look older (a nice throwback to Hilda and Hilbert).

The only problem I have with it is the glaring lack of the female PC. I'm actually kind disappointed they didn't even bother to give her a cameo. I could (and did) rant about this a lot more, but that isn't the point of the thread. Just hoping it doesn't mean the female PC doesn't exist ŕ la Leaf.

I'm hoping they make more, because it's awesome to see Pokémon in this style. Serious with stunning animation and addicting sequences. ^^

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