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Default Re: Ok, just wtf, W.T.F

First off, dear, I am a girl. There is also an underscore between "Grassy" and "Aggron". But for simplicity's sake, just call me Grassy.

Also, this should have been reported to a Global Moderator, rather than posted here. PMs - Private Messages - are exactly that. Private. Posting it here blurted it out to the whole forum...Although it does serve as a good example.

You are not banned. A warning is different from an infraction - an infraction is what leads to banning. A warning is, well, a warning. Like with police officers - they give you a warning or a ticket, you know?

You were given a warning because you did it twice. We did not give it to you the first time (we aren't THAT mean). As Kaoru stated, it is in the rules.

WebMaster's actions were justified. Rules are rules - you might not like them, but they have to be followed, as Kaoru stated.