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Default Role Play Directory: Indexing our RP's for you!

Welcome to the Role Play Directory! Here is where you can find a neatly compiled list of Active, Inactive, or the unfortunate, Dead role plays currently on the forum. From here you can find where people are at to get you into a nice RP, and avoid necroposting of long past threads. Let’s define what an Active role play is, and what an inactive one is, and so on:

New: Self Explanatory, new role plays are ones that haven’t started yet and are looking for members to begin their adventures! I recommend those new to role playing begin their experience with the list of role plays put under the ‘New’ section. Once a role play under the new section has started, and been active for a week, it will change to ‘Active’ status.

Active: A Role Play where the players are posting within the role play itself and or the discussion thread at a regular rate. Even if the role play itself is short on a regular amount of posts within a set amount of time, discussion about it can count it as still active so long as interest remains in it. Active role plays do not necessarily have to have six or seven posts in it a day, but at least once a week.

Inactive: A role play where there is still interest in a role play, however the story itself has not had any posts in it for some time. Often a role play that has not had a post in it within two weeks will be put under the Inactive Status, or be put under said status if the creator has asked for such. Role plays that are inactive can resume Active status at any time, as long as it shows a rise in activity levels.

**From now on, please update the status of your own Role Plays as to better help us to help you!

Modern Mythology

Secrets of the Spirit Callers

Journey from the Valley
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The Hunger Games
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The Secrets of Fell's Church: Ghost World
*Summary Pending*
Sign Up/Discussion [Currently Closed]

"In an alternate Earth where all the creativity in the world is being slaughtered, diminished and choked, the ways of colour, music, dance and writing are starting to fade away into grey. Parallel to it, a world built on creativity, where alternate forms of each living creature called Sona's reside. A power known only as WAE has claimed victims, who are said to never come back...until one particular musician and her Sona break free, giving hope to a possible answer to save the worlds."
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The Chosen
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Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path
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