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Default Re: [WAR XI] Guardian Units of Nations

@ Bron - Well, as I said, I'm perfectly willing to play Sonic as well. However, be prepared for him to be a cocky smartdonkey that makes a lot of bad jokes. It's what SEGA intended him to be - but cranked up to 110% XD

That being said, I debate if I should bring everyone's favorite character of mine from an upcoming series - Skye - into the mix. I retired him from role playing because I hated butchering his personality and history so much. I'll still have to modify his history here, but his personality could easily remain intact. Plus, it's nice to have a character from the series with very little powers and some obvious flaws...Such as heart problems.

@ Hay - I noted the Online Battling. I do know what the Scout is, and I think the idea is very humorous >:3
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