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Default Re: Individual RP: Akdude

OOC: Good. Let's make it fun!!! By the way...not a run away.

sigh, I don't think this Ranger seems to understand the purpose of being here... Stopping in my tracks I look back at the Krabby that was foaming at his mouth. I began a stare down with the Krabby, testing it...seeing if it would stand down at the sight of my evil eyes. I took a step forward...

Umbreon stepped in front of me, blocking my path to the Krabby. She looks up at me and sits down while shaking her head. I knew what she was thinkin and she was right. The Krabby wasn't worth trying to capture.

"Humph," I grinned and walk away. "That Krabby isn't worth it. I came here for strong Pokemon that will present a challenge. Not something I can make faint in only a few attacks. Let's move on."

As I started to walk away with Umbreon, I noticed that Espeon wasn't by my side anymore.

"Espeon, let's go," I commanded Espeon to return to my side, however, she just sat there. As if wanting to further test the Krabby. "Let's go Espeon, this Krabby isn't worth wasting the effort on."
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