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Default New Pokemon Best Wishes Series

This thread is a little bit late, however we have confirmed news from the scans of CoroCoro that the Best Wishes saga is getting a new series, called Best Wishes Series 2.

The new series will focus on Giovanni attempts to capture Meloetta and also features the return of Dawn and Cynthia. The series will start on the 21st of June, 5 weeks away.


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Information - 15/5/12

Ash and the group, with Shirona, travel to the Eastern Unova, which is occupied with many non-unova Pokemon. They will meet Dawn and Melotta "become Ash's friend and journey with them". There is also a "World Tournament Junior Cup", where the winner will face Alder, and Caitlin will also participate along with Shirona. Ash will have a new rival and Team Rocket, including Giovanni, will begin with their biggest plot in history.


Preview - 17/5/12



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