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Default Re: Beyond Time, Over Darkness, In the Sky: A PMD Tale

Chapter Nine-- Emotion Commotion [Viridia]

We blurred through the nine floors. I rampaged passed the enemies. I actually didn't know why I wasn't usually timid of the enemies. Maybe it was because I was determined to save Azurill, no matter what the costs.

We reached the top of the floor and saw just what Scarlet's vision was like.

"Where's our mom's item, Mr. Drowzee?" Azurill asked, looking around.

"It's not here," He replied.


"You see that hole?" Drowzee pointed.


"I'm a criminal, and there's treasure there. I'm too big to fit under there, so you have to get it."

"WHAT?! No!"

"Don't make this hard for yourself. Alright, now get the treasure for me, NOW!"

"HEEEEEEELP!" Azurill screamed.


Drowzee turned around and saw me and Scarlet. He chuckled. "Oh. I thought it was some pro rescue team. Why don't you stop bothering and leave us alone?"

"No way!" Scarlet protested.

"If you're gonna make it difficult for yourself, then prepare for a beating," Drowzee challenged.

I attacked with a Razor Leaf, which... Didn't do that much damage. Scarlet went in for a Tackle, which blew Drowzee back a few feet.

Drowzee attacked Scarlet with a Confusion attack, which hurt her dearly. She was on the brink of fainting, but Scarlet got a huge boost of power. Anger boiled inside of her, and she let loose flames from her mouth. She used Ember!

Drowzee started to get dizzy, but was able to use Hypnosis on Scarlet, which put her to sleep (Not the killing kind, mind you).

I became angry yet again, and I attacked with another Razor Leaf, which didn't do much damage, again.

Drowzee used Confusion to finish Scarlet off. I cried "NO!" as Scarlet fainted. I rushed towards her. Oh, what could I do?!

Drowzee was coming towards me. Fire flashed in my eyes. I would avenge my friend's fainting. I ran with full speed straight towards Drowzee. My attack finished him off, and he landed with a thud.

Breathing heavily, I rushed back to Scarlet. I remembered the Reviver Seeds the Kecleon Brothers had given us. Searching in the toolbox, I got it out and fed it to Scarlet. Her eyes fluttered to life.

"W-What?" She said, confused. "Did we beat him?"

"Yes Scarlet!" I cheered. I looked over to Azurill, whom was cowering in fear. I walked towards him, reassuring him that we wouldn't hurt him. Scarlet and I brought him out of Mt. Bristle and back to his brother.

"Oh, thank you Team Heroes! You've saved my brother! How can we ever thank you?!" Marill thanked.

"It's no problem; Your happiness is thanks enough!" I replied.

"Thank you for saving me!" Azurill said.

"If you ever need anymore help, we'll always be here!" Scarlet said as the two of us went back to the guild.

That night, in our rooms, with Scarlet sleeping like a baby, I kept on thinking about one subject. Why was I so prone to anger and courage so recently? I mean, I'm usually timid and a scaredy cat. Was it because I met Scarlet and she gave me courage? Or was it because I just am, and this happening at the same time as meeting Scarlet was just a coincidence? Whatever the case, I was glad. Well, I know I shouldn't be too angry and courageous, but having some of it is really comforting to me.

I rolled over on my bed. I just couldn't sleep. I stood up, careful not to wake up Scarlet, and I walked out into the main room of the same floor. There, I saw Bidoof sitting.

"Bidoof?" I asked.

He turned around and smiled. "Oh, golly, hi Viridia. That was a really great job you did saving Azurill."

"What are you doing up so late?"

"Gosh, I could ask the same for you."

I smiled. "You couldn't sleep either?"

"Yeah... I'm just... Thinking... Hey Viridia, can you keep a secret?"

"Of course I can," I replied.

Bidoof reached over for a diary-like book. Actually, Bidoof having a diary doesnt seem too Farfetch'd. (Pun intended) He gave it to me. "Y'know how I said that I was the newest member before you came?"


"Read the book, and you'll see that I wasn't just some ordinary newbie. You'll also see why I didn't become the newest member for long. One you're done, could you give it back?" He stood up and started towards his room.

"Sure thing!" I said before he walked in. I went back to my room and started reading.

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