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Default Re: How many gens of anime?

Originally Posted by Swampert Guy View Post
I started to watching at Indigo series, cannot remember what episode exactly.

I stoped about Battle Frontier episodes, I coudn't manage to support the fact that trainers could had legendaries in their team.

But this isn't the only thing, there are many changes made out like Ash's clothes, and interesting events of the anime that had been left, like:

-What about GS Ball? Did they forget it?

-And Gary? Where is he hanging out?

-Will never Ash get older? Will never he get bored of always losing the Pokemon League or reaching the third/second place?

-Why does he always stay only with Pikachu? Couldn't he carry Charizard and Sceptile together, for example?

-And will never Jesse, James and Meowth be fired from Team Rocket? They're dumb...

1) They were going to use the GS Ball with Celebi in it as a story arc through Johto, but they scrapped the idea and just made Celebi the co-star of the movie Pokemon 4Ever.

2) Last I heard, he became a professor of sorts.

3) It's Pokemon, he's always ten.

4) He wanted to prove to himself that he can complete any quest without any of his over powered Pokemon.

5) I think they are fired, but they keep on trying to please the boss, so the rest of TR's like, "Whatever."

I watched all through the Indigo league, Orange Island, and the Johto league. I watched a bit of Hoenn, and it wasn't that bad. Could have been better. Sinnoh completely sucked, mostly because of the voice acting. Unova was worse than I could imagine.

Pokemon Chronicles was good.
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