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Default Re: King of the Hill

Pit: "That's low, you Cowards! You can't cripple people! It's part of the rules!"

*most duded vanishes, Gm's neck is restored*

*Latio re-appears on top of the hill, Fully-healed*

Pit: "Whoa! Was that just me, or did I just warp reality?!"

"Not really, it's more like reality corrected itself. Reminding them and the thread of the rules-specifically, the part about not severely crippling and/or killing people-caused Duded's and GM's prior actions against GM and me, respectively, to be erased from history, and only those affected shall ever remember. I think. Reality-warping and reality-self corrections are odd things to work with."

Pit: "That was still the coolest thing ever!"

"I'll give you credit for that one, but if you try to become a Rules Lawyer, I will punish you for it, in worse ways than you could ever think of."
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