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Default Re: King of the Hill

"I'm Done with it already, with two weapons that are 339 at value, one of which has +4 freezing, thank you very much."

*Let's MGS push him off the hill*

*removes Arrows from existance before they touch him*

Pit: "Whoa! That's so awesome...Wait, how'd you do that?!"

"With Pure Awesomeness. Or Author Power. One or the other. Doesn't matter to me, I did it."

Pit: "Wait, how do either of those things do that?!"

"Author Power lets me poof things in an out of existance, and alter pre-existing ones, no matter what. As for Pure Awesomeness, that needs no explamation."

Pit: "...So, you can WARP REALITY to remove 100 arrows from existance, but you can't stop yourself from being shoved down a hill?"

"I let him do that. Oh, but no matter. Look!"

*Has warped MGS off the hill and put him 1 million miles away, put himself on the hill*

Pit: "Whoa! That's AWESOME!! Take that, Evildoer...Wait, why'd you-"

"Oh, stop questioning me! It'll make the post too big!"

Pit: "Oh. Okay, Latio!"

(I seriously do have a weapon with 339 value and +4 Freezing. It's a Babel Club, by the by, and I use that for my Weapon Gem.)
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