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Default What do you want to see in Black 2/White 2?

What old, new or returning features would you like to see in B2W2?

The biggest one for me is probably the VS Seeker. It's just so annoying to train without it!

I wouldn't mind if something like the underground returned and was WiFi compatible. I loved digging around in there. It was useful for getting rare items like evolution stones and I miss collecting cute items for my secret base.

Speaking of secret bases... the secret base feature in RSE which allowed you to mix records and then go and battle that person every day was awesome. I hope something like that returns but is WiFi compatible so we can add friends and have them appear somewhere in the game!

I would also like an Item PC back so I can store everything I will never use and not have to carry around 500 items that make scrolling through to find what I want REALLY annoying.

A new subway train in the battle subway allowing triple battles. Triple battles were the main new feature of Black and White and aside from maybe 5 in the WHOLE GAME they didn't give us a place to play them!

Things I DON'T want to see...

The return of Pokemon Musicals. I have never liked Pokemon Contests. I think they're boring. xD However compared to the Pokemon Musical thing they are FUN and at least they give you something else to do. Therefore I would rather see contests than musicals.

THE SAME SPRITES. Strangely enough one of my favourite parts of any new game is to see new sprites of my favourite Pokemon! A lot of non-Unova Pokemon didn't get new poses between DP and BW. I would love to see ALL Pokemon in new poses this time round.
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