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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

Diana and Damon locked eyes for a few silent moments, though anger quickly filled the young Witch as she glared at Damon.

"What are you doing out here? Hunting your next meal of a poor innocent morning jogger?" Diana growled. "Or are you just stalking me?"

"Neither. I was just taking a walk to clear my head." Damon said, a smirk appearing on his face as the old Damon settled in. "I'm trying to clear my head from you, actually. You've been running through my dreams; naked of course."

"Bite me." Diana hissed.

"Gladly. Are you offering?" Damon teased, causing Diana's anger to flare up.

"Please just go away before I hurt you."

"You hurt me? Very unlikely. I do like your personality though. You've got spunk; a very entertaining fire burning inside of you." Damon commented the last part, though Diana just shook her head.

"Fine, then I'm leaving." Diana began to turn around and walk away, bringing Damon to frown.

"You know, not all Vampires are bad." Damon called out, bringing Diana to stop walking though she didn't turn around. "My friends and I weren't the ones who killed your boyfriend, so why don't you give us a small break?" Rage consumed Diana now from the mention of Adam, bringing her to quickly spin around and look at Damon.

"Don't ever talk about him!" Diana shouted, lifting her hand up towards Damon. A horrible pain then jolted through his head which caused him to fall to the ground, trying his best to keep in a painful scream. "I casted a spell on you and your friends last night during dinner, so whatever happens to you will happen to your little Vampire friends too." Diana growled.

“Yeah.” Caroline heard Kiseki say, bringing the blonde to turn her head and watch Kiseki stand up and walk over to her. She turned back around, taking in the peacefulness of the spring morning as Kiseki lightly wrapped his arms around Caroline and rested his head on her shoulder. “I hope it stays this way…”

"Me too..." Caroline responded softly. Memories of what had happened nineteen years ago suddenly filled Caroline's mind; her getting captured, tortured, almost dying when they killed Klaus. Klaus... Caroline couldn't understand why she was feeling the way she was feeling right now, almost like she somehow knew Klaus was going to come back.

"Kiseki..." Caroline said as she turned fully around to look at him, looking at the male Vampire with a troubled look. "I know that I shouldn't worry, but... I have a strong feeling something bad is going to happen soon. I don't want to feel like this because I want us to live worry-free lives, but I can't help to think... what if Klaus somehow comes back? What if this time we aren't so lucky of survival...?" Caroline looked down at the floor then, ready to say something else until she felt an horrible pain begin to pierce the inside of her head. The curly haired blonde screamed in agonizing pain, falling down to her knees as she gripped the sides of her head.

Ashley was in the kitchen preparing breakfast for her children when she heard Caroline's cries, bringing her to quickly look at Ichiru in alarm. She was about to run up to the room with her Vampire speed until she felt the same exact pain, causing Ashley to let out a horrible scream as well, collapsing to the ground.

"Mommy!" Both Abigail and Scarlet yelled at the same time in fear. Stefan, Lexi, Kotomi and Isabel were awoken from their sleep from the same exact pain...

Back at the cemetery Damon needed to come up with a plan fast, fearing that Diana might go all the way to actually kill Damon. The male Vampire summoned up enough adrenaline to use his Vampire speed and stand up, then running behind Diana which caught her off guard. He wrapped his arm around her neck and gave a slight squeeze, not enough to hurt her but enough to keep her in place as he used his other arm to wrap it around her stomach and pin her against him.

"Let me go!" Diana yelled, dropping the spell which stopped the pain for everyone.

"Not until you calm down." Damon growled in slight anger.

Back at the house the pain in everyone's heads suddenly stopped, bringing fear to wash over them. Caroline stood up to look at Kiseki in fear, tears streaming down her face that she couldn't control.

"W-what just happened?" Caroline sobbed, her body trembling.

"Did you guys feel that?" Stefan called out loudly as him and Lexi quickly ran out of their bedroom, the question being towards everyone. Caroline took Kiseki's hand and quickly guided him down to the kitchen where Stefan and Lexi were going, following by Kotomi and Isobel.

"That felt like a Witch's magic." Ashley said as she stood up from the ground, looking down at her two frightened children. "Everything is going to be okay." Ashley said, scanning the group for a few moments.

"Where's Damon?" Isobel asked, scanning the group as well.

"I have a bad feeling..." Lexi said, bringing Ashley to curse under her breath so the children wouldn't hear.

"I think he pissed off Diana..." Ashley said, looking over to Stefan.

"I'll go find him." Stefan said, using his Vampire speed to leave the house. Lexi followed him, bringing Ashley to sigh as she rubbed her head.

Stefan and Lexi reached the cemetery and saw Damon pinning Diana, causing the two to stare at Damon in shock.

"Let her go Damon!" Stefan yelled as him and Lexi rushed to the scene.

"I'm trying to get her to calm down!" Damon yelled back, seeing that Diana was struggling against Damon's grip.

"Just let Diana go." Lexi said as she crossed her arms.

"Well fine, then you deal with her. The little Witch linked us so we can feel each other's pain." Damon said, letting Diana go. Diana then ran out of the graveyard as fast as she could, Lexi, Stefan and Damon looking at each other with slight alarm.

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