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OOC: Short transition post is short. I don't have much for Adrian for right now. ><

Amiel Sable
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Highway 5, USA
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Driving along the highway with the lack of traffic going by always made the world feel empty. It was very empty o me, and it wasn’t from being part of WAE. It was from being what seemed like such a distance from what made the world colourful and lively. The small idea of Veza letting me know she had some help on her side gave me something to be remotely upbeat about. I wasn’t going to say I had the same thing on my end yet, despite the fact I had two active Enginez behind me on the road. I could hear the doctor guy talking to the other kid who tried to look threatening. I rolled my eyes at his comments. He had an idea of who I was but that was it. No one knew who I really was, only myself and Veza. Even with that, going WAE, you lose part of that identity indefinitely, and having to find it again was a trial done blind within a marathon that never seemed to end.

“You can stop thinking you know all the details about me. Good way for me to want to disappear as fast as you found me.” I spoke through the radio, not bothering to pause my music for a second. “It’s going to be a long drive so I suggest you keep for focus and energy for the road.”

I continued to listen to the music with an open, yet blank mind. Having a blank mind was both a curse and blessing from WAE, it made it hard to do original creations, a pinnacle of a Deviant’s ability, however the blankness allowed for other’s creations to overflow easily. Having music take over my mind was a wonderful thing.

Veza Ryngsen
Umecit, Nexen
ARPer's: Anyone involved in the Antitivity battle

The reception I got in response to my big reveal was more or less positive, so far no jumps about why I hadn’t been able to save anyone else. I didn’t feel like I was forcing anyone now, and that made me feel better a bit. However, with these Sona’s so adamant for helping me, I felt that their wellbeing was my responsibility now.

“Thanks for your support. I don’t know what will happen from here on until now.” I said. “Right now, the best thing we can do is quietly rally a group, see if there are more of us. I’m thinking we may want to go around…I know some of the more wild areas are more to animal Sona’s, but we can commune easier with those than Deviant’s can with, what my person told me, are pets.”

That was as much of a plan as I had so far. I hardly had anything else to go on, but that was part of the plan, to find out more information and get WAE out of the lives of people and Deviants.

“Ya may wanna get ‘er goin’, knowing that WAe, they’ll be persistent in lookin’ fer ya.” Gesser interrupted my thoughts, almost surprisingly. “I’ll keep yer unknown, but I gots a bud down in a village down in Ahaelos. Help yous find a big ol’ beasty.”

“Thanks Gesser. I take it you’ve still got that cache outside?”

“Sure does.”

“Alright, thanks for all your help. Stay safe while we’re gone.”

He only nodded, and I picked myself up to leave. I knew the cache of supplies that we may need was going to be just outside the defined border of Ahealos and Umecit. There was usually a nice glow around the evening time, sort of like an aurora. I poked my head out the door, making sure that there wasn’t anyone on our tail. I had a bad feeling that someone may have been watching us, but that could have been my paranoia.

“If no one has any more questions…may we depart?”
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