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Default Re: Gosh darn Pokemon Zombies! (Episode 2) Survival RP (SU)

Area:Celadon city
Appearance:He has a grey backpack along with a black and electric blue saggy jacket.
His jeans are ripped from the bottom up.He usually wears his hoodie up to avoid being spotted he also has some dark blue shoes.Some white hair can be seen peeking through the hood.
History:He has lived by himself in the secret cave by celadon city at the start of the outbreak.He left his cave in search of survivors to find.He encountered a rare shiny Porygon that could talk when It wasnt bitten they walked off to search for destroyed citys.
Other: His shiny Porygon2 is very sarcastic much like meowth and talks like half human and half robot with static in the middle.
Name: Techa
Moves: Protect,Giga impact,Shadow ball,Teleport
Name: Echo
Moves: Shadowclaw,double team,scratch,headbutt.

EDIT:second pokemon added

Like a Baws

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