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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

The next morning came as Caroline slowly opened her eyes and felt the warmth of the sun's ray hit her snowy white skin, giving it a beautiful glow. The blonde instantly noticed Kiseki looking at her with those piercing emerald colored eyes, bringing her to smile.

"Watching me when I sleep? That's not creepy at all..." Caroline said, though it was very clear in her tone that she was kidding around. She sat up and glanced over at the window for a few moments, then pushed the white sheet off of her and stood up to walk over to the window. Her blonde curls were in a mess from sleeping on the pillow but she didn't care, Caroline opening the window to let the morning breeze in. Normally the cool air would make Caroline a bit cold since she was only in short pink pajama shorts and a black tank top, but since she was a Vampire then it didn't bother her.

"Everything looks so peaceful..." Caroline said as she continued to look out the window, though it was clear that she was nervous about being back. The female Vampire had a feeling that something bad was going to happen; secretly everyone did.

In Ichiru's and Ashley's new room the brunette felt slight movement coming from next to her as she opened her eyes, catching Ichiru running his fingers through his dark hair. Ashley could sense that something was bothering him, bringing her to sit up and prop herself against the pillows.

"Are you okay?" Ashley asked. Light footsteps could be heard coming from the room next door however, then a few moments later Abigail and Scarlet walked into the room and towards the bed.

"We're hungry." Scarlet said with a pout as Abigail rubbed her stomach. Ashley gave a light chuckle as she stood up from the bed and stood up, looking over to Ichiru.

"We'll talk about it later." Ashley said as she gave a smile, then walking out of the room with the toddlers following down to the kitchen.

Damon had woken up before everyone else in the house as troubled thoughts danced around in his head as he stared up at the ceiling for over an hour, though the troubled thoughts weren't about Klaus; they were Diana. Damon was getting frustrated with himself however for letting a girl bother him, one who made it obvious that she hated what Damon was. The sound of his friends beginning to wake up was heard, bringing him to stand up and place a brown t-shirt on that would match his black jeans and boots.

Wanting to be alone right now, Damon walked over to the window and opened it, climbing out and jumping down with soundlessly cat-like grace. He cut through the thick woods that were in the back of his house and just blindly walked, having no set destination of where he was going. What he didn't realize however was that he was walking towards the cemetery, somehow the Vampire being drawn there...

Diana sat in her living room with the same purple blanket around her and a book, though it was one of her college books as she did her homework. Unknowingly, the young Witch had woken up the same exact time as Damon had, though since she couldn't fall back asleep she had decided to work on some homework that was due next week, trying to take her mind off of things. It didn't last long however as Bonnie walked downstairs to make a pot of coffee, seeing her daughter on the couch.

"Morning mom." Diana said as she gave Bonnie a smile. Bonnie smiled back and walked over to the couch, taking a seat next to Diana.

"Good morning." Bonnie said, but then pausing for a few moments. "Diana... you need to give Ashley and her friends a break. They aren't the ones who killed your boyfriend." Bonnie spoke in a gentle voice.

"But they're Vampires." Diana growled as she placed her book to the side.

"They aren't the bad ones though, not at all. They are our family, Diana." Bonnie said, though Diana shook her head and stood up in anger.

"I already told you this! They aren't my family!" Diana cried as she stormed back up to her room and slammed the door. Bonnie wanted to go and try to explain everything to Diana, but she knew her daughter needed to be alone right now.

Diana brushed her curly hair up into a quick ponytail and slipped on her shoes, not caring that she was still in her pajamas as she walked over to the window and opened it. Just like what Ashley used to do when she was human, Diana used the tree that was closest to the window and climbed up onto the large, thick branch. She used it to climb down to the grass and walked out of the yard, going towards the cemetery where she would visit her boyfriend's grave.

Once she got there the first thing she noticed was that there was a light fog gliding through the graveyard, making Diana hesitant for a few moments. When she decided nothing was going to happen after a few moments she entered the graveyard, walking towards the side where the woods could be seen. A gravestone reading 'Adam Conant' could be seen, bringing Diana to walk over to it and sit down. The young brunette gave out a small sigh, a few tears escaping her eyes.

Damon walked through the woods silently and came to a halt when he realized that he ended up at the cemetery, though he didn't know that Diana was only a few short feet away from him until a few moments later. Her back was facing him, the young witch not knowing Damon was behind her as Damon stood there frozen, not knowing what to do. He finally took a step back to try and leave as silently as possible, but he had stepped on a fallen branch which made a loud cracking sound, bringing Diana to quickly turn around and stand to her feet, seeing a very shocked Damon...
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