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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"I'm sure we'll adjust quickly." The twins looked over to Caroline as she responded to Ichiru with a giggle, and the two of them smiled and gave a nod in response, although Ichiru’s attention was drawn to Damon, who was looking up toward a window on the second story of the house, where Diana could be seen sitting on the window seat with a purple blanket wrapped around herself. She was reading a thick, dark brown Grimier - as expected of Bonnie’s daughter.

"I hope she will adjust quickly." Damon said after giving a sigh. Kiseki looked over to see him looking up at Diana again, instantly recognizing the look in his eyes. He glanced at Ichiru, the two of them exchanging a knowing look before getting into the car quietly. Even Ichiru could already tell that Damon was attracted to Diana. However, she obviously had yet to develop any attraction to him - or realize it if there was some already. If she could get past her hatred of Vampires, somehow he knew that the two of them would hit it off really well…

After Damon finally got into the car along with the rest of the group, they drove away to the Salvatore boarding house. The twins had to admit being here made them feel more comfortable. Their own house - or old house, really - was on the other side of town, but right now that didn’t bother them. The Salvatore boarding house was just as close a home as anywhere else in the town - even more so than others.

The group dispersed shortly after, with Ashley taking the toddlers upstairs to get them ready for bed while Caroline sat on the couch nearest the window, Stefan, Damon and Lexi went upstairs, and Kotomi and Isobel went into the kitchen. The twins split up as well, with Ichiru going upstairs to help Ashley with the girls and Kiseki joining Caroline on the couch. Once again there was that peace from finally being home, but somehow it just seemed too quiet…

The next morning, Kiseki opened his eyes to the bright rays of sunlight shining through the window. He turned his head to look at Caroline, knowing that if he moved he would wake her up. With this thought in mind, he looked back to the ceiling, thinking about the discussion the group had the day before. He truly hoped that nothing was going to bother them - especially since they had just returned after nineteen years away from home. This town already held a lot of painful memories along with the good, he didn’t want them to have to add more to them. He looked back at Caroline sleeping beside him, thinking about everything she had gone through here as well. He didn’t want her to have to go through anymore pain. Hopefully this peace would last…

The sight of a dark cloud of smoke rising in the distance caught Ichiru’s attention from the streets, coming from the direction of Jeremy’s and Bonnie’s house. A horrible feeling of dread instantly washed over him, and he ran to the house with his Vampire speed, only to find it already completely engulfed in flames. He could barely make out a figure nearby; a male, who looked so familiar, and yet Ichiru couldn’t see his face. A sinister smirk was on his face, and he looked undoubtedly satisfied with himself. Ichiru knew instantly that this was the one who had started the fire.

However, Ichiru dismissed him for now despite his rage, instead running into the burning house in search of his friends. He couldn’t seem to find them anywhere, although he saw the figure everywhere he turned. He could hear the sinister laughter; soft yet full of malice, and the horrible feeling he had gotten when seeing the smoke had returned twice as strongly.

Finally, he saw three figures up ahead; two of them were standing over the third, which was motionless. Ichiru tried to get closer, but a piece of burning debris fell in front of him, forcing him to stop. However, even from where he stood, he could tell that the figure on the ground was Jeremy. He could see Bonnie and Diana screaming, but for some reason or other he couldn’t hear them. He tried to yell himself, but his voice didn’t seem to reach them. Somehow he knew already that Jeremy wasn’t going to respond, and he wasn’t going to get back up. Kenny was nowhere in sight, but since Bonnie and Diana weren’t looking for him, Ichiru could only assume the worst. However, even though the flames had gotten to Jeremy, somehow they didn’t seem to be harming the girls…

He saw what looked like a silhouette of Klaus near the girls, instantly recognizing him as the figure from outside. The smirk remained on his face as he looked at Ichiru, locking eyes with the Vampire.

“I will be revived, and I‘m coming for you. All of you.”

The flames suddenly grew, and just as Ichiru finally felt their heat on his skin, his eyes shot open and he found himself in one of the rooms of the Salvatore boarding house. He sat up quickly, breathing heavily for a few moments as he recovered from the shock. He glanced at the sleeping brunette beside him, giving a sigh and running his fingers through his dark hair. Why was he suddenly having nightmares about Klaus? He had never had any nightmares like that after they had moved away. Did it have something to do with his memories of Klaus from when they lived here? The last few times he had had a dream like that, it had come true… Not always in the way that he saw it, but in the end it happened.

No, that couldn’t be the case. There was no way Klaus could be revived, and he wasn’t coming after them. Ichiru was just paranoid…right?
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