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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

OOC: sorry for the double post, but i did it so everyone can see that the rp is now opened and ready to be posted in ^^'

IC: “It’s actually really nice to be back here.” Kiseki said as Ichiru and Ashley buckled in the toddlers while the rest of the group followed.

“Yeah.” Ichiru agreed after a few moments. “I have to admit it feels kind of weird knowing our old home is here after all of this time living out of town, though.”

"I'm sure we'll adjust quickly." Caroline said with a small giggle, bringing Damon to look up towards Diana's bedroom window that faced the street. The young Witch could be seen sitting in the window seat with a purple blanket wrapped around herself and reading a thick, dark brown Grimoire, which brought Damon to sigh.

"I hope she will adjust quickly." Damon said, looking up at Diana for a few more moments as Stefan and Lexi looked at Damon, the two feeling sorry for him while Isabel and Kotomi already got into a car. Sensing she was being watched, Diana quickly tore her eyes away from the Grimoire and looked outside, making eye contact with Damon. The action took Damon off guard as he slightly flinched, though he forced himself to keep staring at her. At first Diana sat there frozen with fear, hate and... adrenaline? Why was there the slightest hint of adrenaline that seemed to make her heart race slightly faster than what it should be? After a few more moments Diana dismissed the adrenaline rush and quickly stood up, closing the window's shades and sitting on her bed, the young Witch shaking her head and rolling her eyes.

Damon sighed as he got into the car, bringing the rest of the group to do the same and drive away to the Salvatore Boardinghouse. Once they got there, unbuckled the toddlers and went inside, a warmness consumed Ashley, the brunette relieved that they were home. Ashley took Abigail and Scarlet and brought them upstairs to get the girls ready for bed, Caroline sat on the couch closest to the window, Stefan and Damon went upstairs with Lexi following, and Kotomi and Isabel went into the kitchen. The group was finally home in their town, unknowing the dangers that await them.

On the other side of town the Original Vampire siblings drank-in their new home, admiring every inch of the extremely large house as they looked around; Klaus, being the one to not care about his living surroundings, looked at his siblings with annoyance.

"Will you guys please keep your heads on the main goal here! I would like to be my Hybrid self again and not this damn Ghost!" Klaus growled as his siblings looked at him.

"Just chill out for a second. We have all the time in the world to bring you back." Kol said, wanting to explore the town.

"Well how about you turn into a Ghost and see how you like it." Klaus snapped. Rebekah sighed as her and Finn looked at each other, then over to Klaus.

"What do we have to do?" Finn asked as he and Rebekah walked over to Klaus.

"You guys need to find a pair of Witches to have them do the spell, but not just any Witches. They need to be from the same bloodline so that the connection and power will be stronger." Klaus explained.

"Where do you want us to look then?" Rebekah asked, though Klaus gave an evil smirk.

"Right here in town. You'll need them, and a vile of the Doppelganger's blood." The three siblings looked at Klaus in shock from his words.

"That's impossible though. We don't even know if the Doppelganger exists during this time period." Finn said.

"Trust me, she does. She's a Vampire living here with her family, and you guys are going to spy on them, get them to trust you by socializing with their group, and then strike." Klaus said as he looked at his siblings, waiting a few moments for his words to sink in. The group finally nodded, deciding to start their plan tomorrow.
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