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Default DAXTER: The Hero Trade [Crossover/Jak & Daxter, FIRST CHAPTER POSTED]

Villains are always up to zany schemes of all kinds. Usually nothing happens because a bunch of heroes stop them. Same case when heroes team up, right? Usually it is. Sometimes they luck out and they catch the heroes on a lunch break or napping on the couch. In one particular instance, this happened to save our reluctant and rather ugly protagonist— “Hey! Who’re you callin’ ugly?” – who should know better than to interrupt narration to interject whatever he wants to say. Our cowardly hero was taking a nap underneath his best friend Jak’s bed when everything happened. His name is Daxter, by the way, little beast...

The villain Dr. Nefarious and others whom I will purposely neglect to name because we all know the little rat is listening burst in and took the heroes captive! But they’re not the only ones. Heroes across the entire cosmos, from an idiotic blue hedgehog to little evil beasts that get sealed inside tiny red and white balls to Santa Claus. Okay, we were kidding with that last one; Santa is safe. And our idiot hero, who is still sleeping under his friend’s bed and not listening to this plot recap of what he missed while he was too busy playing in dreamland, is the only hero left in the general multiverse to stop the villains of all those worlds. We all know he can’t do it, but let’s kick him in the butt and watch him sink anyways; that ought to be worth a couple of laughs.

"Is this nut gonna narrate the entire story like this?! Someone throw me a bone! Or somethin' to use as a weapon!" And now, enough exposition, pick a place to start and read already. Maybe we can kill off the little weasel before the first arc is even thought of! "We're all gonna die."

The Hero Trade

Chapter select:
1) Daxter
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