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Default Re: The URPG Times: Special TPW Edition (4/12-5/3)

Marketplace Guide

Hello guys, it's me for the second time this issue, and I'm going to be writing a quick guide for the URPG Marketplace, which is the area you can buy Pokémon, TM's, Daycare Moves and Dream World Abilities. I'll be telling you what you can do in each of the places, and suggesting things to buy early on so you can get an early advantage. Here's a quick synopsis of all of the different stores which you can utilise:

The Pokémart
The Pokémart is a great place to spend your cash as there are so many things which you can buy here – held items, TM's, trade items and Pokémon. There is a huge range of prices, from $500 for mail to $9000 for the bigger TM's and HM's such as Surf, Strength and Protect. If you want your moves as soon as possible, then I'd recommend coming here as the daycare has a small wait time.

The Daycare Center
The Daycare Center is another place to get theoretically better moves for a cheaper price. While here, you can buy any Breeding Moves, Move Tutor Moves or Special Moves (such as any moves learnt via the Dream World). The cost is quite low, at $5000 a move, but the Pokémon learning the move must be left in the Daycare for 24 hours, in which time you can't use it in battles. The most you can put in at once is one Pokémon in for two moves, or two Pokémon in for one move each.

UPDATE: 30/04/12 – This is now merged with the Pokémart, and there is no wait time.

The Dream World Center
The Dream World Center is where you can pick up Dream World abilities for your Pokémon. It works in the same way as the Daycare Center, where you can leave one or two Pokémon in for 24 hours at the cost of $5000 per ability.
The Underground
The Underground is the place to go if you're feeling lucky! Once per month, you can pay the low cost of $2500 to venture down and potentially dig up some great items! While sometimes you can lose money, there are other times when you can find rare items such as fossils! If you have any leftover cash, I'd recommend going here to see what you can find.

The Auction Room
Occasionally, Pokémon are put under the hammer in the Auction Room. These Pokémon, usually of medium or so story rank, can be bid on in increments of $500, where the final bidder gets the Pokémon. While for a lot of you it'll be a while before you start to earn as much cash as the older members, in the future it's worth checking out every so often.


Okay, so now you know what you can buy here, I'm going to offer my opinion on what I think you should buy early on. Of course, you don't need to listen to my advice, but I would recommend checking out a couple of these powerful Pokémon.

All of the pseudo-legends are equally as powerful in the URPG as they are in-game, and Dragonite is no exception. Graced with the fantastic Multiscale Dream World ability and somewhat bulky defences, it is reasonably hard to kill, giving it time to stat up and do some serious damage to your opponent. Be sure to buy Multiscale and some good coverage moves.

While Togekiss is a great support Pokémon, it's just as able to take out an opponent or two with a mix of good moves and stats. It's ability, Serene Grace, is great in conjunction with moves such as Air Slash, which now is boosted to a 60% chance of a flinch. One of the only problems is the cost – it requires quite a few TM's to be useful, and the evolution items bring the total cost to 10000 even before buying extra moves. Super Luck isn't needed, but buy as many moves as possible – special moves are recommended due to it's huge Sp. Atk stat.

One of the best features of Electivire is its diverse moveset. As well as having a rather high attack stat, it can inflict super-effective damage on almost every single type. Invest on some physical moves early on, and you'll reap the rewards. In battle, an expert belt will help you a lot, and I recommend bringing it with you.

The second of the psuedos on my list, Tyranitar's only hindrance is it's relatively poor speed. Luckily, it has access to Dragon Dance which, while boosting it to a more reasonable speed, can add to it's monstrous attack stat for big hits on the opponent. However, be careful of any Pokémon with a fighting-type move, or you might not be able to get the boost up. A nice little bonus is the Sp. Def increase due to Sand Stream.

Sceptile is a pretty effective mixed attacker, making use of a great speed, above average special attack and an alright attack stat (however, this can be boosted via Swords Dance). This is another Pokémon with quite a high coverage, and can easily get a few kills before being taken down itself.

Closing Notes

Although I've given you a little guide on what to buy, you should only choose them if they suit your style of play. There are other great Pokémon in the Pokémart, but I'll be writing about them next week – if you're interested in Blaziken, Swampert, Salamence, Metagross, Infernape or Hydreigon I'd recommend checking it out. Until next time (ie. later in the issue), see you later.

Battle Analysis- Returning Dinosaur Pwns Vet
By Xali

I’d like to welcome back a URPG Member as old as the URPG itself. AKDude!!
This guy is cool and apparently a better battler than me….. A few days ago he came back after a two year hiatus. He was in the URPG Chat and casually asked to battle anybody, so I took up his offer not knowing what I was about to get myself into. This URPG Dinosaur gave me a run for my money in an awesome 6v6 battle that a few people had fun watching. Being the nub I am, I randomly rolled out my mons while AK systematically wore them down and rightfully obtained victory.

At first I led with Celebi which was pretty much the only high point of the battle for me since it weakened about half his team. Celebi managed to get an Ancient Power boost on his lead Umbreon and prevented it from recovering by using Heal Block. Jynx then came in and replaced Umbreon only to be wiped out by Ancient Power. AK sent Salamence and finally KO’d Celebi, and with Celebi’s demise my momentum also fell. My Heracross put up a good fight and even managed to send Salamence scurrying away in fear after having Endured a Fly attack and going for the Feint. Butterfree came in for Mence and this little bug managed to KO mine. Then my Scizor came in, A BATTLE OF BUGS! Butterfree’s Sleep Powder missed giving Scizor a free Swords Dance and the following turn it avenged Heracross with a Quick Attack KO. AK sent Charizard which missed a Heatwave allowing Scizor to score a hit. Ak Then realized he had Flamethower and used that instead as I sent Quick Attack to do one last turn of damage. My Scizor was cooked instantly. Blissey came in and Charizard also took it out. I then sent Gallade which missed a Stone Edge and Charizard once again capitalized. I only hit it once and it KO’d my mon. I was down 5-2 and my last mon was Mismagius which managed to claw its way back up by outspeed Zard, Umbreon and Mence. At 5-5 the game was close, but Mismagius had taken some damage and AKDude’s Gengar seized the opportunity to make me look like the noob I’ve been since joining in 2006. GG AKDude, and again, welcome back to the URPG! :P

Staff Report
By ChainReaction

Hello to everyone, and welcome to all of our new TPW friends! The URPG Times is published every two weeks, and in each week I post a few snippets of information about the Staff and what we get up to in our private boards and hidden chats and secret ninja lairs.

No secrets this week, though – on behalf of the Staff, I just want to say hello to everyone and welcome to the URPG! Us Staffers are responsible for the continuation and balance of the URPG as a whole, and if you ever have any questions are comments any one of us would be more than happy to listen.
I think I’ll end this Staff Section short and sweet. I encourage all of you to come along to the Meet the Staff Event that’s on in a few days – we don’t bite! Enjoy your time in the URPG, everyone. It’s great to be here.


Closing Comments

I'd like to say welcome one more time to our new friends at TPW and once again thank all of the members of the URPG for this awesome issue of the URPG Times and the work they've put into preparing for the expansion. YAY FOR EVERYONE!