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Default Re: The URPG Times: Special TPW Edition (4/12-5/3)

Roleplayer of the Week
By Soulmaster

This weeks Roleplayer of the Week is Kantomasta!

He is in the middle of a riveting battle with two Qwilfish. Ranger Nitro has taken this run through the Great Lakes. So far he has caught a Lumineon. So if you want to read an exciting battle go check out Kantomasta's RP. Go ahead and collect your $1000, Kantomasta!

Pokemon Of The Bi-Week

Hello there! It's time for Pokémon of the week, and this week the Pokémon isn't rolled by me - I've been given permission to do it on a somewhat popular starter choice for newer players. What is it, you ask?

That's right, it's Lucario! If you have one of the steel/fighting types, feel free to claim $1,000 and add them to your stats (after posting here, of course.

How to obtain

Lucario is quite a difficult PokémonNot including winning one as a prize in a tournament or writing contest, via auction, through a trade etc., there are only two ways to obtain a Lucario. One of these methods is by writing for one. As a Complex ranked Pokémon, even Riolu is very difficult to capture, requiring your story to have around 30,000-40,000 character in addition to a strong plot and good grammar. However, if you're interested in writing directly for Lucario, it will be 40,000 to 55,000 as it is Demanding ranked.

The other way is through the National Park, although you cannot choose what you're going to find there, without the use of a voice disc item. This will only work on a Riolu, though, as Lucario is too high a rank for it. If you come across Riolu, the MCR (minimum character requirement) is 25,000 characters, and if you find Lucario you'll need to write 35,000 characters for it.

Battle Strategy

On paper, Lucario should be pretty good in the URPG. It has a pretty good Attack and Special Attack, and an alright speed. However, it has a few problems. It's quite weak, and can only take a hit or two - you'd expect something like this to be quite a bit faster, though. Another flaw is that it's not quite strong enough to become a feared sweeper without taking a turn to set up Swords Dance or Nasty Plot which, due to being relatively frail, might not be a possibility. However, it can be quite good if you know how to use it. For example, switching in on a Pokémon which can't do a lot of damage or is holding a choice item will give you the turn (or more, if they don't switch out) you need to start inflicting some major damage. The basic strategy is to either Swords Dance, Nasty Plot or Agility (to stop revenge killers - but be warned, this will leave you significantly weaker) and then make use of it's somewhat diverse moveset to deal a lot of damage. Priority is a small problem, but Extremespeed will let you have the final laugh, particularly with the Attack boost.

History of the Times
By Gmandiddy

Hello, I am one of the Editor-in-Chief of the URPG Times and I’m going to explain what happens here and how you sign up.

Ok, let’s start from the beginning, right back to when the URPG Times was first published. Back then, FAIR was in charge of the URPG Times and it provided to be a big success with lots of positive feedback. Then the URPG Times went through its first dark patch. FAIR became inactive and the Times overall was ignored and no-one offered to carry it on. However, once we moved over to BMG, there was a lot of interest from some members, Kanga, Trainer17 namely, decided to bring it back. The published the issue on November 30[SUP]th[/SUP] 2010. However due to Kanga’s disappearance the Times, yet again, fell under the radar. After a couple of months Ataro, a former moderator, decided to bring back the URPG Times to its full glory. He succeeded and The URPG Times was back and in full swing. Soon later, Ataro suddenly became busy in full life and suddenly stopped producing the URPG Times. I decided to bring back the Times to its full glory and with the help of Alaska, we have resurrected the Times.

The URPG Times is split up into small articles all put together. You could write an article based on a certain section of URPG, for example an article explaining the National Park, or an article about the Story section and how you improve your stories. If that isn’t your cup of tea, you can always interview a fellow member or be in charge of the Story of the Week section. The URPG Times has a lot to offer and is also flexible around your own schedule.

Now the question on your mind surely is: How do I join sign up to the URPG Times? Firstly, you need to sign up at the URPG Times HQ Thread, which is located on the main page. There you fill out a form and post it on the thread and wait for a confirmation post by either Alaska or myself. That’s basically it and you are now a member of the URPG Times family. You will be expected to send in your piece of work for every issue, unless there are any problems. Issue’s will be posted once every two weeks, allowing a lot of time to send in your articles.

That’s about it. Oh, before I leave. Watch out for Alaska, sometimes she can be crazy, [s]jokeIloveyoupleasedon’thurtme[/s]

FFA Report
By Fossil Fusion

Well this URPG Times there was not many Free For Alls. This week only Pokemaster and Mubz reffed one each. Pokemaster has recently came back to the URPG and got stuck right into reffing! So welcome back govner. Now let’s take a look at the Free For all he had reffed.

It consisted of nine contestants who battled it out for victory. The special rule was that all the Pokemon had their normal abilities but had illusion ability as a secondary. This would be very interesting because it could shroud your Pokemon in mystery, and make the Battlers think twice before attacking! Now let’s take a look at some of the the illusionary names some Pokemon got.

ChainReaction01’s Jolteon got Togetic now that would be funny to Thunderbolt and Volt Absorb for health.
Derian’s Glalie got Remoraid… hmm that’s different indeed!

According to the log Remoraid (Glalie) sat on the side with Moody and then won it basically with stat ups. The normal Free For All Strategy by Derian! ;)

1st Place: Derian & Glalie receiving $4000
2nd Place: Sexy Zolar & Roserade receiving $3500
3rd Place: Alaska with Salamence receiving $3000

TIP of this Week for Free For Alls, don’t trust Moody Pokemon!

Intro to the National Park
By Kantomasta

The National Park

What is it?

The National Park is almost like the Safari Zone in the games. The only difference is that because it's on the forums, you RP(roleplay) as you go.

Ok, but how do I go?

Getting into the Park is simple! All you need to do is sign up a character in the sign up thread, and once it's approved, your good to enter! Then go to your front gate, and post your stats, which only costs 2,500. Then, once a ranger says they'll take you, let the RP'ng begin!

Wait, a Ranger?

Yes, a Ranger is like a guide. They will meet you at the start of your Park run, and lead you until the end! A Ranger has many jobs. Before the run, they have to roll for your encounters list. During the run, they will add comments during battle to help you, hold onto the pokemon you captured, or, in more severe cases, have to escort you out! Now don't worry, they won't escort you over nothing, just if you do something severe twice in one run.

That makes sense. Do I need to bring items on the run?

Yes! Items are important for a lot of reasons. Park/super/hyperballs are what you catch pokemon in! You can also buy special kinds of pokeballs in the shop. Just remember, certain balls will only catch certain kinds of pokemon, so make sure to have the right kind. You can also buy healing items, repels, all kinds of stuff!

How many pokemon should i bring to the park?

Well, your 2,500 you paid to get in covered for two pokemon. For any extra pokemon, it's 500 a piece. Most people stick to two pokemon, but you can bring more/less. There is no required amount though.

How many pokemon can I catch?

Well, you can catch up to fifteen pokemon. This is because you can only run into fifteen pokemon throughout your run. At the end of the run though, you have to choose only three or less to take with you. Lastly, each pokemon has a MCR. That's where your RP'ng comes into effect. You need to RP your characters thoughts, battle and all that. Well, each post has a number of characters. Each pokemon has their own number of minimum Characters you have to type before you can catch them. Don’t worry though, you don't have to do it all in one post, it can take a few.

Anything else I should know?

Yes! Like with all new things, you need to read the rules before doing anything. Well, that's about it, so good luck, have fun, and I'll see you around!!


Target of the Week
By Fossil Fusion

Well guys I hope the people who battled for this Target Week for the URPG Times. I must admit each battle I had to overcome was very interesting. I will detail below the Winners, Losers, and the Details of each battle. Also, you will be paid your Money for Reffing here too.

Firstly, there was only 1 person who beat me. That was Pman. He did very well to choose the Pokemon he did! I did not expect any Alakazams here! I was against Alakazam, Lapras, and a Metagross. My Pokemon had 2 Pokemon weak to Alakazam, therefore putting me at a disadvantage with Infernape, Gengar, and Dragonite. Nonetheless, congratulations! You receive a free TM Substitute for your troubles this week! ;) Enjoy! Post here to claim!

Reffing Wages make sure to claim them guys before this URPG Times Issue is closed.

Ebail: $6000
Synthesis: $2000


This week’s Target it…

Aim: y2beric

Rules: Tag Force rules

Basically, whoever challenges the Target this week must bring a Partner! Then, Ebail must pick a random trainer online and Partner with them. But whoever defeats this target Week it counts as the only person to win Target Week. For example:

Ebail is challenged by Trainer A. Trainer A chooses Trainer B as a partner. Ebail must choose Trainer C as a partner. Since, Trainer A challenged, of Trainer A wins they earn Target Week win, whilst Trainer B does not.

Then the battle rules are:

4 on 4 (2 Pokemon per Trainer)
Holds Yes/No
Revolution/B/W Revolution
Sleep/Freeze/OHKO/Evasion Clauses

Winners: $3000 each
Losers: $1500 each
Referees: $3000

First 3 people to defeat Target Week this week with these rules will receive a very special prize. No joke, get on it! WHOEVER LOSES TO TARGET WEEK CANNOT CHALLENGE UNTIL THE NEXT TIMES.

Remember to log here refs!

Enjoy and get dat target!

Interview #2
By Kantomasta

Color Code:

I walked into the room and looked at the large table. Looking around at the people, I knew this was going to be a looong day. I sat down at the head of the table, pulled out my notebook and pen and got to work.

"Ok, first off I thank you all for coming and participating in this interview. Let's get started right off the bat shall we? What are your current opinion/s about the expansion to the TPW forums?" I asked the people. Zolar was first to speak.

I feel like it is good to get the URPG name out there and expand in every direction as long as we stay what we are and hopefully always will be.

Seems like a good idea. IDK I wasn't here when the ideas came around and stuff.

Whats TPW?

The table burst out into chatter, everyone trying to explain TPW. After the noise settled down, we continued.

Oh, well IDK.

Not a Fan but ill live. Could go good. Or could go bad like the BMG expansion.

The sooner the better

Pman, we have a planned release date. Mostly, the biggest advantage is the number of new members we'll get, Hopefully, it's Good for the community

I think the expansion will be great for the URPG. It will be nice to see newer ranks raise up to us PE2K members and overpower us. Just like the BMG members did. At least I will be around for this expansion

I smiled, glad all my interviewee's were participating in the interview. Well, everybody but BakuraBoy anyway.

"Ok, what are your personal opinions about TPW? Do you think that joining them will add or decrease activity to the URPG?" I asked, eager to hear answers for the next part.

Judging by how many people I've seen online on my first visit to TPW, I think that it will help the URPG greatly. If people just realize who and what we are, we can gain a lot of new members.

Haven't seen a lot of TPW but while it doesn't have the acitivity of BMG, it seems like a nice forum that the URPG could fit into. And i reckon a lot of them would get involved 'cause a lot of them seem pretty stoked about it.

Add obviously

Add thats not opinion thats fact.

Definately add. The only concern is if it pulls people away from BMG. We need to keep both sectors running at full capacity

Personally, I think the expansion will increase activity a little bit. However, it is difficult to know, until it happens

I smiled knowing that everybody liked the move and thought it would increase activity.

I continued, only having one more question. "How fast do you think that the TPW members will take to the URPG? Things such as get better, adapt the new idea, etc" I asked, looking around the room.

I've only been on TPW a few times, but judging by what I've seen they will probably poke around and hopefully join.

I couldn't really say since I don't really know anyone on TPW and I wasn't here for the BMG expansion, but I think the amount of dedication that BMGers are putting in will help them to adapt quite quickly.

The URPG isn't a hard concept to get a grips with once you're settled in and used to it.

Probably take a few weeks, however it depends. Most members who play POL, or competitive Gameboy might stand a better chance at first

A few months probably. 2-3 max

I nooded to them all and motioned towards the door. "Well, thank you for answering, and I cant wait for the expansion!"

By Xali

Welcome to the first ever installment of WHO’S THAT JURK PKMN?!? Basically we’re going to find some of most annoying Pokémon that you can confront in battle here in the URPG and breakdown the reasons that make them annoying…. Oh, but we won’t stop there. What you really want to know are some tips that’ll help you beat the little fiends we are talking about right? Well we’re going to get them for you! Also if you have one of these guys take away $1000 from your money (just kidding, although some people may want you to do it for real.)
For our first JURK, we introduce you to Whimsicott!

Notice the demonic look in its eyes and the malicious smile it has. Clearly the traits of a “JURK PKMN”

WHY U SO ANNOYING?: What makes Whimsicott such a nuisance is the fact that it has a high base speed of 331. That makes it one of the faster Pokémon you’ll encounter, but on top of that, the geniuses at Nintendo decided to give it the Prankster ability! If you’re not familiar with this ability then you’ve probably been living under a rock since Gen 5 came out. Anyways, this ability pretty much lets it use moves like Leech Seed, Encore, Grasswhistle, because it gives them priority +1. So it doesn’t matter if you’ve got a Speed Deoxy’s Speed+6 and you use sub on the same turn they leech seed you, because you’re going to get hit first!

Some of the more common uses of Whimsicott are sub/seed or to use it as a crippler that paralyzes your team or puts them to sleep. It also learns Switcheroo, giving it has the potential to leave you with a choice item at the end of the first turn and what’s worse is when it has Encore. If you used a non-damage move and Whimsicott switched in on you, chances are pretty good that your opponent is going to go for the Encore. One more thing, this little nub PKMN also learns Cotton Guard which raises its defenses. Don’t let it do that!

Items that Whimsicott may carry are either Leftovers or a choice item.

OMG, How do I beat it?: There’s a few Pokémon that can exchange moves with Whimsi.
The most notable are mons with Magic Bounce such as Xatu or Espeon because their ability reflects stuff like Grasswhistle back at the original user. Xatu also has a flying type advantage over this little pest.

Next, and my personal favorite, is Trace Gardevoir. Not only does it copy Whimsicott’s ability, but it also learns the move Magic Coat which is the move equivalent of Magic Bounce. Additionaly, Gardevoir learns Icy Wind and this move will lower Whimsicott’s speed thereby letting Gardevoir counter-utilize the Prankster ability.

Other ok counters are Sap Sipper mons, they’ll pretty much negate Whimsicott’s grass type attacks and if they get hit by one, then they’ll get a nice ATK+1 boost. Mons like these are Miltank (which is usually targeted for Leech Seed) or Zebstrika.

Of course, you can always go for the heavy hitters that have type advantage, but unless you arm these guys with Lum Berries, you’re going to have a hard time. Bugs, Fire, Flying, and Ice-types with strong Special Attack are your best bet to inflict serious damage on a Whimsicott.

Also remember that you can get out of sticky situations with a U-Turn attack.

That’s our little segment on WHO’S THAT JURK PKMN?!? If you want me to analyze another Pokémon for the next article, drop me a PM. The more people that choose a certain mon, the better the chances are that I’ll do it.