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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge [REBOOT]

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Although, excited to start his first adventure, he question the request. If there where people guarding a entrance, he wonder what these guards were indeed guarding. He would look to the others as lifted up his sack, he looked to his Gastly Ziggy. "it's ok buddy I don't trust this one bit ether..." he'd whisper among himself and his pokemon.He turn to Alvaon, and Chane "Alright, so this guy needs a escort to some place that we have to sneak past guards?" He question to the others, as he wonder if the old man was leaving some information out. "I mean, think about...this might have something to do with those guys I saw sailing away on the ship" He said to the others, as he stood there. He took a look to the old man "Hey you mind telling me why this guards just Randomly showed up? or tell us what there guarding?" He asked the old man now trying to gather information that could help.
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