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Default Re: Replication;. {RP//open.}

Deza Chiming-Bell/Prysa Pyris.
Jubilife City.
Affected Characters: Seth Micheals and Riika Amano (Winter_Cherry).

Deza tilted her head questioningly at Duke as she noticed his preoccupation. What was his problem? The strange girl placed a hand on his shoulder, asking if he was all right, and Deza wondered at that. How could he stand being touched by a mortal?

Duke seemed to take it rather in stride. "I'm fine," he replied. Deza asked her question, feeling rather happy with how politely she'd addressed the human, despite her disdain. But the girl wasn't happy or polite at all. Her gaze was trying to burn holes in Deza's own eyes.

"Excuse me, but--"

Duke cut in in the nick of time. "Riika, weren't we going to get lunch? Why don't you go on ahead and get something for us, please? I'll wait here with Prysa. If something happens, I'll call for you, I promise," he said, his voice not only calm, but gentle too. When the girl glanced at Deza uncertainly, Duke added, "I'll be fine." The girl nodded and walked away, though she continued to glance back at Duke and Deza as though she expected Deza to whip out a gun or something. Duke looked minorly annoyed.

"Impudent mortal," Deza began with a haughty sniff, but Duke cut her off.

"You didn't have to do that, she's known me for three years, Prysa, and she's a bit touchy. Especially about me since I told her everything that's going on."

Deza whirled on Duke. "You told her? That's what I was worried about! For Arceus's sake, don't you realize how much trouble that could get us in? What if she sells us out? Have you even thought of that?"

Arceus Shining-Light/Lucien Lucia, Harrouh Fire-Eyes/May Harlowe, and Thom Otone.
Arceus, Reshiram, and boy.
Celestic Town.
Affected Characters: The nearby Celestic Town people.

The Hydregion's retreat into its Pokeball had a profound effect on Stalker. All the tension and anger in the Serperior's body, not to mention the forward motion, stopped instantly. Stalker went about as limp as he could get without falling over, and as Thom tentatively let go of Stalker and moved to see his Pokemon's face, the rage was gone, replaced by devastation and grief. May appeared, too, and Lucien stepped back to give the two of them some space.

"Oh, Stalker," Thom muttered, his chest tightening with pain. May looked similarly stricken, and she kept glancing over her shoulder, looking nervous and guilty. As she looked, she suddenly flinched, tensing. "Thom. Behind you."

Thom turned, confused at first. He saw May and Lucien and that weird guy with the gray skin and the glasses and oharceuswhatisshedoingtooclosetooclose -

"Fu-king monster?! The only fu-king monster in this scenario, Thom Otone, is the one that attacked Euryale with lethal intent, for no good reason! Now Thom, I am going to be merciful exactly once. I am going to send out Vital. Now I hope you don't have some deep-rooted psychological trauma about a Reuniclus, because so help me: if Vital catches a hostile thought about any of my friends from any of yours... By the time I'm finished with you seven, you will not be able to distinguish one bloody chunk from its many clones. Do I make my self clear, Thom Otone?!"

Thom's reaction to the girl went something like this: "Nyeghgetoffmeplease," and then "Excuse me." and then "A Reuniclus? You're kidding, right?" and then "Haha you're serious you have no idea who you're dealing with."

As the girl tiraded, May watched nervously, trying to step in and interfere. But Lucien put a hand on her shoulder. "I do not think he wants help at this time. Wait, and see what he does. He does not seem too afraid of her."

Lucien's judgment was spot-on. Thom had to admit, the girl's yelling and rage was a bit intimidating, but she wasn't downright terrifying like some of the other people Thom had met. Stalker seemed to bristle a little, more agitated at his Trainer's treatment than the insults to himself, but Thom quietened him by returning him to his Pokeball. Stalker was never completely stable and the Hydregion's appearance had upset him badly; Thom didn't want another attempted murder on his hands. Then he faced the girl, holding himself as tall as he could, making the most of his two-inch advantage. Speaking carefully, he said, "Listen. I can stand insults to myself, but never to my Pokemon. I am fully aware that calling your Hydregion a monster of any kind was stupid and ridiculously uncalled for, and I'm certainly not saying Stalker should have attacked anyone. And if it's a battle you want, fine, I'll give you a battle any time you like. But I'll have you know that Stalker happens to be the bravest Serperior on the planet, and he also happens to have, not so long ago, saved a way of life that you rather seem to be enjoying, so -"

"Oh Thom we don't need to mention ways of life now do we?" May stepped forward, her voice rapid and anxious. "Listen, can't you two just... Fight later? We've kind of got a situation."

"Yes," Lucien agreed, stepping forward. He was no longer content to watch the fight go on; if he let it continue, he expected that things would come to light that would cause dissent and anger among the entire, already volatile, group. He continued to give orders, letting his natural air of authority resonate in his voice. "We have other problems, other threats, that must be focused on. I will not tolerate dissent when we need to be united. The two of you will stay away from each other, unless you can reconcile your differences. You will keep the Serperior and the Hydregion in their respective Pokeballs when you are in the others' presence. Am I clear?"

Thom nodded, feeling both sullen and ashamed. He wasn't too happy about having to keep Stalker cooped up, but he wasn't interested in starting any fights with anyone. May touched his shoulder gently, smiling sadly. He didn't know it, but the little girl felt the pain that the sight of the Hydregion had stirred in Thom's chest.

Meanwhile, Dark was growing bored. He clambered off May's shoulder and padded boldly up to the Reuniclus before him. The Pokemon was completely unfamiliar, and very strange-smelling. "Hello," he addressed it. "I'm called Dark. Want to play?"
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