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Default Re: [RP]Kingdom Hearts: The Other Nobodies[RP]

Bastia, Artemis, Apollo, Lillie, and Rei
Nobody, Not sure, Nobody, and Humans (Well, close enough...)
Hotel, Traverse Town

Rei noticed Rufus's nod and took a seat obediently before focusing on the group again, taking the occasional glance around the room, although nothing changed. Bastia snorted "Left? It certainly wasn't that easy! They're still harassing me, and Apollo here was supposed to be put to death, but the Dusks left him to die and the little one took him in and saved him." Rei's hands flew to her mouth--when they had said death orders, she had thought they had been expected to kill. she hadn't expected to hear that one of them had nearly been killed.

Better than dying and coming back to life. At least twice. Lillie thought bitterly.

At the mention of a single person killing off members, Artemis nodded. "You mean Sora?" she asked, smiling at the name. "Their greed got the better of them there. They think they can use him, but he won't be used the way they want. He keeps slipping through the cracks and holes in their plans."

"That one killing off members is why we're getting ready to oppose them openly ourselves, actually. Right now he's asleep, he wouldn't be able to catch wind of us, and even if he was, word is, he's pretty willing to accept anyone on the same side as him. Helped out the people around here a lot," Bastia said, Apollo nodded.

"You should hear Cid talk about him," Apollo chuckled.

Little Cafe/Tavern, Traverse Town

Don't look at me to closely, don't pay too much attention of me, don't look at that, please, please, please, you might see the truth about me, and if you saw the truth... Nox's mind was whirling in panic and screaming warnings at her. The guy was completely human, and the girl wast still mostly human--she had a heart, and hearts were what made her go into panic mode most of all. /Trouble, PLEASE!/ she shouted mentally at the Heartless, while fidgeting trying to hold her calm.

"Oh, you don't have sugar at your table?" The man asked, his gaze seeming to stay locked on her. She tugged at her already too-stretched sleeves. Don't look at me. Don't look at me like that. Don't look, you might just see, and if you knew... "Yes, you may borrow some of ours." The sugar bowl was pushed towards her, but she barely even noticed. The man's eyes on her face bothered her too much.

/Trouble... Don't do this to me!/ "Thank you, I guess there was someone with a huge sweet tooth over at my table earlier," she let out a soft, nervous laugh. Finally Trouble managed to make his way into her shadow to hide, unwilling to torment her anymore. Slowly, deliberately, she took a few sugar cubes and moved to back away when she caught the girl Trouble had said was like them looking at her, and she froze up. She knows! her mind screamed. Nox bit her lip, praying that her legs would let her move away. They didn't.

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