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Default Re: Gmandidy vs Eishiba Round 2

A gentle breeze blew across the field, stopping the heat from the midday sun from becoming unbearable. Two trainers stood a few metres apart, each holding a red-and-white sphere in their right hand. Eishiba released his first, sending the poké ball arcing through the air. It opened in a flash of light and out came a shapeless purple blob. The Ditto, who went by the name Kirby, stood up as straight as it could and watched his opponent carefully, waiting to see what would be released.

After seeing his opponent’s choice, gmandiddy released his own pokémon into the battle. Mr Quackers the Porygon-Z appeared in a brief flash of light, its eyes scanning the battlefield and its opponent. Then, with a clicking sound, it slightly readjusted itself to allow itself to act more efficiently in combat.

Kirby was also scanning its foe, and began to change its form effortlessly. Within seconds, it was indistinguishable from the duck in front of it. The two identical pokémon stared at each other blankly, waiting for the first move to be made.

Round One


[Kirby] Ditto (X)

HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Condition: Getting to grips with its new body; +1 Special Attack; Transformed into a Porygon-Z
Moves: Nasty Plot ~ Thunder Wave


[Mr Quackers] Porygon-Z (X)

HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Condition: A little confused; +1 Special Attack
Moves: Substitute/Sharpen ~ Agility/Return

Kirby was soon in control of its new form, and began create a plan to bring down its opponent. It took into account every part of its body, finding the weak points and strong points and finding ways to exploit both. Within moments, it had come to the plan that could win the battle. From now on, it could count on certain attacks being more effective and finding the right mark to do crippling amounts of damage.

Meanwhile, Mr Quackers was preparing itself in a different way. It began to redesign itself slightly, creating sharper edges and more wicked-looking corners. These improvements would give it the ability to do slightly more damage in hand-to-hand combat, whereas Kirby had a definite advantage from a range. This seemed to be turning into a battle for who could stack up their talents highest.

The original Porygon-Z followed this developing trend by altering another part of its programming and blazing forwards in what was little more than a red blur. Its copy watched it fearfully, knowing that it wouldn’t have a chance if its foe got any faster.

Fortunately, the Ditto had its plan and was about to put it into action. The first step would be restricting Mr Quackers’ movement and minimising the amount of damage he could do. A crackling ball of electricity grew at the end of its flipper, and it quickly took aim and fired at the now stationary Porygon-Z. The ball spread out into a web, snaring Mr Quackers easily. The electricity spread through its body, interfering with the already glitch-prone programming to cut down its performance and reaction speed and make it more likely to crash at any given moment. Gmandiddy was furious at this development, but there was nothing he could do. He would just have to hope that he was lucky enough not to waste any time on the software problems.


[Kirby] Porygon-Z (X)

HP: 100%
Energy: 93%
Condition: Ready to continue its plan; +3 Special Attack; Transformed into a Porygon-Z


[Mr Quackers] Porygon-Z (X)

HP: 100%
Energy: 95%
Condition: Feeling slow; +1 Attack, +1 Special Attack, -4 Speed; Paralysed

Download- (Porygon-Z +1 Special Attack)
Impostor- (Ditto transforms to Porygon-Z, +1 Special Attack)
Rolled 1/2, Ditto moves first
Nasty Plot- (Ditto -3% Energy, +2 Special Attack)
Sharpen- (Porygon -2% Energy, +1 Attack)
Rolled 2/2, Porygon-Z moves first
Agility- (Porygon-Z -3% Energy, +2 Speed)
Thunder Wave- (Ditto -4% Energy, Porygon-Z paralysed)

Arena Notes

Team Notes
2 pokémon remaining
2 pokémon remaining