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Default Re: Signature and Tutored Moves

Hmm, trying my hand at a sig move, I'm sure there's gonna be some issues with it, but I want to see what others think, and this is the best way to know that.

[Sentinel] Sigilyph (F)
Ability: Magic Guard
Obtained: Dino's Birthday Wishes 2012

Signature Move: Observation Period
Description: Originally being the guardians of an ancient city, Sentinel is one of the cleverest of it's kind, and has the ability to analyze the opponent, and gain great results from it. Sentinel simply flies around it's opponent, watching every action that they make, and collecting results. In return, Sentinel gains heighten awareness of how the opponent moves, making this a deadly result, although only against the observed pokemon.
Type: Psychic
Base Power: N/A
Accuracy: 100%
Classification: Status
Energy Modifier: 20%
Effects: Sentinel gains stat boosts depending on what moves the opponent makes in their two actions while this move is used. When the opponent does anything that is not an attacking move, aka a status move or a special command, Sentinel's Attack and Special Attack will gain a plus 1 boost. If the opponent uses an attacking move, then Sentinel gains a plus 1 to it's Defense and Special Defence. This is repeated for the opponents second action.

One thing to note is that the boosts are added directly after the opponent does their action, not when Observation Period finishes. This move also completely neutralizes all clones created by double team made before or during the effect. The clones still exist, but Sentinel knows exactly which opponent is the real one, making them useless.

Also, all of these boosts are disappear if the targeted opponent leaves the field. If the opponent comes back onto the field, Sentinel gains the boosts again, because Sentinel will have these boosts against the opponent for the rest of the battle. Even if Sentinel leaves the battle, it will have these boosts upon reentry against the targeted pokemon.

(More clarification for special situations. Combined moves give boosts relative to each of the component moves. For example, if the move is a combination of Megahorn and Toxic, then Sentinel will gain +1 Attack, +1 Special Attack, +1 Defense, and +1 Special Defense. If a single move is used that takes up two actions, like Fly, Sentinel will only gain one set of stat boosts. Confusing enough? Any and all ref's will want to note this move throughout the battle, as it lasts as long as either pokemon is unfainted.

Another note. If Sentinel has +2 Attack and Special attack because of Observation Period, and the opponent uses Charm, it's Attack will fall to +0. However, if the pokemon targeted is then switched out, then Sentinel's Attack will fall to -2.)
Priority: 0
Usage Gap: Once per battle.

Thoughts/Input appreciated. Should the energy cost be higher? Lower? Is there some way to word it in a more clear manner? Too complex and should be scrapped?

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