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Default Re: Green, Red, Blue, or Yellow?

XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Not that stupid "genwunner" thing again! Plus, that comment makes no sense. XD If people prefer one game over another, what difference does the newness have?

I love Yellow. .0. It was definitely one of the most awesome things in my childhood, even though I also played Blue, and even though I owned neither game (only played it at other people's houses) because I LOVE. Having that pikachu follow me 'round. As well as the fact that you can communicate with your pikachu, although limited, and that it had a cry that was an actual pikachu voice! That was awesome! And I loved the challenge of not being able to choose your starter. As well as the fact that you had the opportunity to obtain all three starters. As well as that, I love the sprites. They are SO MUCH FLIPPING BETTER than the original ones. XDD Because pokemon had been out longer, and they realised how they were meant to actually look. xD The flareon Yellow sprite is my favourite mainstream pokemon game flareon sprite. And the pikachu one is my favourite of all other pikachu sprites too.

It's got nothing to do with this ridiculous "genwunner" bulldust. XD I prefer a game because of personal preference, hence the word 'prefer,' and although Blue is special to me, I still love Yellow the most.

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