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Default Re: ~5TailedDemonLizard vs. FireSong~

Thank you.

Hum, I think you have the best chance here, Mittens, so you'll be the one battling the mantis.

[Mittens] Glameow (Female)
Ability: Limber
Signature Move: -

Start off with le Fake Out. If he uses Protect, go with Hone Claws. On the second action, if you were able to raise your Attack and Accuracy stats, employ Hypnosis. If not, use Charm. Should he decide to protect himself at this time, give Hone Claws another try.

Fake Out/Hone Claws ~ Hypnosis/Charm/Hone Claws

Well, I attempted to do some combos, but they wouldn't work.
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