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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Pokemon in Stadium can have a different colour without being Shiny, though. You can change the Pokemon's colour by giving it a different nickname.

It's a pretty cool little add on. But I didn't think it also happened in the Gameboy games. Especially as they weren't made for Gameboy Color. But if you've noticed it in Yellow, that's pretty cool.
It was different color before I caught it - caught a regular one first then this one showed up caught it too.
those 2 spearows in stadium are actually directly from my Yellow...
Only "odd" thing with my Yellow and Stadium is that sometimes it needs help from Red before it'll work right.
If I can get GB Tower to work with Yellow, well... It gets past surfing pika intro to a running pikachu before it errors that transfer pak isnt set right yet i put in Red to test n it loaded up just fine.

If it matters (for yellow pkmn), first game used default name ASH, but now its PIKA
This dif spearow seems to crit a bit more often, its also my original Yellow I had lost which somehow remained untouched, got it back via Ebay. Just lucky. I shall be keeping at eye out for any other 'mons that are different in yellow/blue/red etc..

EDIT: no cheat device things for GB, so cant be that...
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