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Default Re: Prism Online: Fully 3D Pokemon MMO

Thanks for the encouragement! We need all that we can get in that department =P

Unfortunately, I know how you feel about our departure from pokemon. It was not an easy decision when we made it and because of it, we ended up losing a lot of crew members, and I think probably a lot of fans. We were also finding it difficult to be taken seriously in large game development communities and find competent help. In the end, finances is what swayed us. Simply upkeep of a MMO is incredibly expensive and to pay for that cost out of pocket would be quite the burden since we couldn't have pay features, or donations. We looked at past online pokemon games that required only a little bit of financial support and even those usually ended up shutting down because the owner couldn't afford server costs etc. We decided that if we were going to pour our hearts and time into making a game we didn't want to end up disappointing ourselves and our fans for the reason of "we can't afford to keep this game going".

That said, I understand how much less people will relate to our game since it isn't the franchise they love, it's simply based on it. However, our hope is that people will give us a chance and will take a look at what new things we have to offer and perhaps grow to love our creation just the same =P
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