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Default Re: Prism Online: Fully 3D Pokemon MMO

i agree with you on this idea. i have, for the past month been looking for a 3d pokemon mmo without any success. this idea is the best one i've ever seen, actually, i've thought of creating one or having someone create it except i came across one little problem. Nintendo owns copyrights to pokemon they own the video game franchise as in no one else can create it. plus, i don't even know if they can do it. i mean the japs are pretty smart but they have created only a handful of 3d pokemon games. so unless someone who has enough money to pay nintendo so they can create it, i don't know if it can be done. sidenote: you have perfectly matched the ideas i had for one, but reply if you want because i'd like to know a complete list of the features and maybe i could give some other ideas for it if you'd like to hear them

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