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Default Re: [Comic] PKMN: The Guardians [G]


I see, well the first one is positively derped. xD Here's what all my fonts look like (at varying sizes so I didn't have a blurry image):


(It's four fonts in one picture, and it rotates every three seconds. xD) Emerald "FireLeaf," DP and R/S (evidently not in that order).

I'll see (not right now, but soon) if I have the original files I downloaded. If I do, I can upload them somewhere and send them to you if I can't find them online (I don't remember where I downloaded was years and years ago xD).

Well if you resized it after, then that's still resizing, right? And you shouldn't resize just because it's "too small." They're sprites, and meant to be small, and people know that. So it's okay. xD They blur and lose quality if they're enlarged, unless enlarged to double their size and not a percentage off (which is easy, but unnecessary and people would rather view small sprites). Take a look at Blue Bondage or Jentoh Adventures for examples. :]

Yeah, that could be it. But based on previous experience, I'd be willing to bet that Photobucket is doing it if you aren't. (Ahh, haha, I am a perfectionist, see. xD)

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