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Default Re: What did you do today? (v2)

Originally Posted by Ant2011 View Post
Playing Pokemon all day is fun :D

I was used as a power source by this guy who needed to charge is video camera to record some dumb luau thing... I'm trying to work on sprites and he's like, "Can you move over here away from your friends and the food you paid for so I can plug this cord into your computer and record tone deaf mumblers?" So when that nightmare finally ended, I returned to my table to discover that someone stole some of my decks: 2 Pokemon, 1 Magic, and 1 Yu-Gi-Oh... Not to mention that my food had been lovingly devoured by random strangers... Needless to say I was pretty pissed. What did I do? I just returned to my sprite work... As the day went on I noticed a guy clutching his bag and watching me nervously. I convinced one of my friends to help me distract the poor sap, and I grabbed his bag. My decks were all in there, safe and sound. I took them back. Finally got home, and was chewed out for not wanting to put a third coat of paint on the bathroom walls...

Ugh... Well that ends my rant...
Congrats on getting your decks back, that sucks though.
If I ever lost one of my Pokemon decks (or even just one card) I'd probably go on some sort of rampage. At least you got them back, though

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