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Default Re: [Comic] PKMN: The Guardians [G]

Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post
I used Imageshack and it was perfect, and how I made it. o: And really? Imageshack has done that? =/ It's never done that to me. It's usually flawless. o:

...No, you should probably get a better font. o.o Is that a pokemon font? I have Emerald, Fire Red/Leaf Green and D/P fonts, and all are perfect and have apostrophes. XD The font you're using looks bigger than normal pokemon writing, but the rest of it does you've resized it. *glares* XDD Haha. Seriously though, there is fuzz. And I can clearly see that the mewtwo in the second panel HAS been altered. You can see that some of the pixels are stretched. So you're either getting them from a dodgy place or you're resizing, even just a tad. And I can give you links to where I got my pokemon fonts. The one you have is probably dodgy. D:

I know, but in that case, try to make it bigger to allow for more room. :] The more space, the safer you'll be.

TSR...well that's reliable. I'm confused as to why it's blurry.

Anyway, good luck with this.

space-textbox guess is a work in progress for now, and yup pokemon font.
Here, it's the top one used in comic:

If you've version with missing symbols like that Apostrophe I'd like to try it out...

maybe the whole page had been resized slightly as I found it a wee bit too small., but the individual sprites when making the page itself are uneditted size-wise. its only afterwards...

maybe the fuzziness might be from something GIMP did during saving? If it helps I could screenshot show how I make panels? (and I'm not a perfectionist with comic things)
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