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Default Re: [Comic] PKMN: The Guardians [G]

Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post

I wonder what the eevee was hearing though. O: I will be interested to see where this goes. Keep it up. And if the comic was actually not fuzzy at all when you uploaded it, then make sure you're using a good image hosting site. If it's not working out, switch to another one. I use Imageshack, which seems to be the most reliable one.

Teaser is Teaser for a reason... I use Photobucket, 'cause I've had imageshack before randomly delete an image I uploaded not long ago... same type issue with TinyPic, so far PB is doing best...
No worries, it'll get explained at some point in the comic itself. Didn't want to give too much away there so why backgrounds seem plain/simple...

I've not noticed any fuzzing, maybe it could just be like optical illusion?

as for text in prelude, apparently that font doesn't have Apostrophe's (just add an ' where it should be), I'll find a work around but that is the font more or less I plan to use.

as for speech bubbles/text boxes, well, I'm just guessing most of the time for size. Sometimes I'm not planning to have a lot of text but once get to that box after worked on it, don't really feel like cut-fix-paste/losing the li'l bit I've just typed...

As for Sprites, the currently used are all from TSR, just a hint: Glitch City-type comic...
I use them as-are, I don't resize them... So, you may see BW people overworld sprites along with HG/SS overworld sprites...

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