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Default Re: Is Pokemon Black/White's graphic's focused on the wrong thing?

If we're talking about what the graphics team should have focused on, I think the routes and cities look great for the most part, but they could have put more effort into the Pokemon sprites. Having them move is completely awesome! But the animations could have been better for a lot of Pokemon and the backsprites are just horrible and should have at least been pixeled-over even if they kept the same pose, rather than just enlarged/stretched sprites! D: That's probably the only issue I have with the graphics. I thought the storyline was good, but the Team Plasma issue could have had more depth/been resolved better (hopefully to come in BW2!) and there could have been more to do after the E4.

I suppose graphics are what makes a game look new and interesting, so that's why there's so much focus on them as opposed to storylines, especially since Pokemon has had a tried and true storyline since it began.
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